Jay Eitner: The Qualities of a Superstar Science Teacher

What more satisfying profession is there on Earth than being a science teacher in New Jersey? You get the chance to steer curious minds toward a future that can be shaped into something glorious and perhaps you get the chance to help create the next Einstein.

Science sits at the center of so many important things today including our planet, our health, and the improvement of almost all the things that occupies our lives on a daily basis. We lean more and more on science and this will certainly be the case for our foreseeable future.

Former science teachers like Jay Eitner confirm that being a science teacher is a great career choice. You may not make a high salary, but in every other area particularly job satisfaction, it just can’t be beat. And if your goal is to become a superstar science teacher the road is challenging and requires a lot of specific skills including the ones listed here. 


The life of a superstar science teacher will often begin before dawn and does not end when the final school bell rings. It requires many more hours of work that will often reach into the evening and you can expect that many of your weekends will be occupied with schoolwork too. You will be responsible for planning lessons that fully engage your students and coming up with a variety of effective ways to delivers those lessons so that all of your students understand the concepts you are teaching. Science can be a difficult subject to grasp and so you will have to work extra hard at getting the fundamentals home. So, unless you have a solid work ethic then you will never be able to become a superstar science teacher.

An Expert

A superstar science teacher makes sure to fully understand the topics being taught. In teaching, there is a difference between knowing about a particular subject and knowing it well enough to teach it ell to students. The latter requires a type of understanding of the subject that is complete. This is the case so that you can answer any questions and point students toward questions they may not have known to ask. This knowledge goes into the creation of the syllabus you are using to create a new set of teaching tools that goes far beyond the minimum teaching requirements on a certain subject. It also allows you to position students that they are best prepared for follow up classes they will attend after yours. Tis preparation makes them better students and you a superstar science teacher.


If you think back to your favorite ad best teaches in school, you will remember that each was intelligent, know the work very well, but most importantly was compassionate and cared about whether you understood the material and did well in the class. In order to be a superstar science teacher, you have to care about your students. This must extend to their classwork and their state of mind. When students are troubled, they will not be in the mood to learn any subject, much less a difficult one like science. Your showing compassion for them and their situations actually helps them to learn more and with a much better attitude.