Is The Bathmate HydroXtreme7 A Good Penis Pump?

For us men, it is important that we know how to please our partners properly. In bed, there are a lot of ways that you can do that. It will usually depend on your partner, as their needs might be different from your own. If you have been with multiple people, then you must know their quirks and interests before sleeping with them.

However, there are other aspects that might make bed activities even more pleasurable. From the atmosphere and mood to other issues, it can get quite tricky. If there is one thing that men agree on, it is the fact that size would usually matter.

Let us be clear: the size of your tool will not affect your performance. As long as you know how to use it properly, then you would be fine. However, most women (and some men) like bigger cocks because there is “more room for play”. It reaches places that you cannot easily reach before.

Arguably, it also makes sex more pleasurable. It might not be for everybody, but it does feel a lot better knowing that you have a bigger than average tool in your pants. Based on this page, confidence is one of the keys to attracting a mate, so you might want to take a look at some options.

Most men would think that a size increase would entail a surgery. There are surgical options available, but most of these are deemed to be too dangerous. Instead of increasing your size, some would render your penis useless. Most men who have undergone this surgery have also reported erectile dysfunction and other STDs. There are also other products like pills that have been credited to add more girth and length after a period of using it. However, there are still no validated testimonies regarding this claim.

If you want a safer alternative, you can take a look into penis pumps. You might have already heard or seen one of these in porn or other places. In a nutshell, it is a device that automates masturbation through the use of exertions and pressure.

There are many versions in the market these days and one of them is the Bathmate Hydroextreme7, a better version of the HYDRO7 introduced a while ago. Check out how it works on websites such as and other similar sites. It would help if you want to see it in full action as well.

Why Would You Use This Product

1. Better Than Air Pumps

There was a time when air pumps were the norm. They were easy to use and rather efficient. However, one of the main issues with them is they are prone to damaging your penis. You might notice it, but you can accidentally just overwork the muscles on your tool.

This can make it even harder to maintain an erection because you have practically injured that part. It can also be painful as well, even just to urinate. With this product, you can easily control the motions and feel the rhythms as it pumps away.

2. Shorter Time for Use but Better Results

Another great thing about this particular model is its efficiency. All you need to do is to use it for 30 minutes every day, but you need to take a rest every ten minutes. Just to be sure, you will need to allow at least an hour for the whole process. It might be a bit too much for some people, but that is for the best results.

Most people would see the results within just a few weeks of continued use. The best thing out of all of these: the results are permanent. You might be able to increase your size from less than an inch to more than two inches, not just in length but also with girth.

3. Designed for Baths

As we have mentioned before, it is to be used in the comforts of your bathroom. This way, you would have complete privacy. You do not want anyone like your children to walk inside your bedroom with you using this equipment. Aside from that, using this right after a good relaxing bath would lessen the chance of your penis drying out. If it does happen, you can use a special cream.

However, this specific product is also powered by water. It is so much gentler in its approach but still rather effective in increasing your length and girth.

Concerns and Conclusions

One of the drawbacks that you might see with this product is its size limitations. It is designed only for men with 5 to 7 inches in length. This means that it is not effective for those who have shorter lengths. Also, the results may vary depending on the person. You can try changing your routine from the recommended process. However, do not overwork your penis as this can promote serious damage.

The price can also be an issue, but you are already getting a full set including aftercare products. It is a great investment especially for men who might have size issues.

If you are looking for an advanced penis pump, then this one might be for you. It is the best out of the series, and you can easily see why. It is safe to use and also utilizes water as a way to promote action. Lastly, it can get you off while still trying to improve your size. With this equipment, you may feel more confident with that tool hanging between your legs.