Is It Time To Hit The Gyms Near Me?

A quick online search will reveal that there are probably a lot more gyms local to your area than you imagined. But then again health and fitness is big business! There’s also probably very few of you that don’t think about exercise, and the need to do more, from time to time. So if you’re done thinking about exercise and want to get started, but perhaps need a little help, then read on. In this article we’ll look at what you can expect to find at the gym, some of which might even surprise you, and we’ll give you the answer to the question “is it time to hit the gyms near me?”

More To It

There is more to the gym than just “the gym”. This isn’t philosophical but a statement of fact. Once you emerge yourself in the health and fitness culture things will happen away from the gym itself. Recognise that even if you work out 3 times a week for 2 hours a time, that’s only 6 hours. There are 162 more hours in the week.

By going to the gym you’ll start to think differently about how you spend your time away from it. You’ll probably review your diet and food intake; you might start to add activity to your everyday life, such as using the stairs more and lifts less; or you might identify the real reasons you’re not losing weight. The world will appear different, but in a good and healthy way. The more you invest in your training, the more healthy habits will creep into your day to day lifestyle, and that is where the true benefits can be gained.


Gyms have people, many of whom you’ll meet. Whilst perhaps never learning everybody’s name, the environment can at times be friendly. You should of course recognise that you go to the gym to train not socialise, but by simply acknowledging and saying hello to people you will begin to feel part of a new community, and that will give you a little boost. If the gym however is unfriendly or intimidating, find another – there are after all lots nearby!


Usually at the gym, everybody has a secret – the key to training, to getting fitter or more muscular etc. Gym goers are notorious for sharing what they hold true. From all of this information there will be times when you can gleam a golden nugget of wisdom, but mostly you’ll have to take things with a degree of friendly scepticism.


Everybody has been the new person walking through the door of the gym for the very first time. You should always remember this – especially if you become one of the old-guard. When you first start, you’ll probably struggle, might make mistakes, or not understand some of the equipment. If you just ask for help and hide your pride you’ll soon learn the way around the gym. Also, everybody else there will be training, not watching you as the newbie. Instead of thinking you’re the entertainment, just get on with your routine and keep going.


Habits and routines are hard to break. Starting a new gym regime will be tough and initially you’ll probably want to revert back to the days when you didn’t go to the gym at all. But persevere, establish new habits and regimes and then, in time, missing the gym will seem like the exception rather than the rule – good habits are as hard to break as bad ones! That said, if you do miss a session, just get to the next one and don’t beat yourself up too much.

Personal Space Is Individually Judged

You are going to be sharing the gym and changing rooms with other people, some of whom will have different views about things such as personal space. Just remember that everybody is different and you all have idiosyncrasies that may seem strange to others. So some may encroach on “your” space without realising it makes you uncomfortable. A little give and take is what is required.

Having read this article, you’ll now know that the answer to the question “is it time to hit the gyms near me” is of course yes. Hopefully the heads-up tips and advice will make it all the less daunting for you when you go for the first time. You’re starting a journey that most have begun, but with this extra knowledge and advice, hopefully you’ll see the journey through to the end. Good luck.