Is it possible for artists nowadays to conquer Apple music with promotion?

Glory, fame, success. Every musician has dreamt about these things at least once. How many of them really found their success?  I am sure that such inspired and motivated musician as you, my friend who reads this, will find his fame and fulfill dreams. First, you need to work a little on your promotion and popularization, before you get your success. Nowadays it is not enough to just upload songs to Apple Music and wait. The service has such huge fan base and so many talented musicians are listed there that it can be hard not to get lost and forgotten. The best thing to avoid it will be using various ways Apple promotion for artists. Why? Let`s dive in and find out!

How does promotion on Apple music works at all?  To simplify thousands of lines of code, the program algorithms calculate coefficient of popularity for artists and their songs. Constantly, every second. This coefficient depends on many factors, the main ones are: number of plays and followers. These two parameters are game changing and crucial for every promotion procedure. By manipulating with these factors, it is possible to increase or decrease songs popularity, which allows placing song higher in top-charts.

Popular songs tend to get recommended more often, more often appear in popular and recommended playlists or personalized compilations. Such appearance allows to loudly announce yourself to millions of people who are active users of the service. Apple music promotion for artists is exactly the right tool to achieve this loudness. No secret that more than 100 million of people are active users of service, who already paid for subscription. 100 million is really impressive number.

Services for music streaming become real thing in the last couple of years. They penetrated to everyone’s life. How many times have you heard that new album was released first on Apple Music? New artist revealed thanks to Apple Music? It happens really often. And the company well knows what to do. System actively helps to promote new artists, gives them ability to show themselves in the best way possible. But built-in promotion services are not enough. Some helping hand is needed to achieve guaranteed success. Apple music promotion for artists is that helping hand.

What are the outcomes? Popularity and its benefits are no mystery for everyone. Crowds of fans, live concerts, golden albums and so on. Most important thing is self realization, lifetime goal. Follow your success, follow our dreams!