Interesting facts about the Champions League

Whether you watch football religiously or not, you have to admit everyone can get decently entertained by watching people kick a ball around until it hits into a net. There is just something about it that even if you don’t normally watch football (or soccer to the Americans) if its on and everyone else is watching, it is almost like you have no choice but to be sucked in and engaged.

Anually, there are football games that catch the interest of millions of people, mostly in Europe. Most notably, the Union of European Football Association’s Champions League. In this competition, the winners are determined after a round robin group stage in order to qualify. Then they go through a double-legged knockout format, and then finally the single leg final. 

There are some people who don’t understand what the difference is between the Premier League and the Champions League. The Premier League contains the top 20 best teams in English football. In the Champions League, the top 32 best clubs from different European leagues are involved.

In this blog post, we will show a few interesting facts about the Champions League that you might not know, especially if you aren’t an avid football fan. If you aren’t the the avid fan and are reading this to freshen up your trivia knowledge, best of luck! You might not know intrinsic Champions League data, but you’ll know some random facts that can help you in a conversation.

The majority of the Champions League wins go to Real Madrid

Since the very beginning of the Champions League back in 1955, there have quite literally only been 22 football clubs that won. Real Madrid has won the Champions League cup 13 times. That is very big, it makes them the football club with the highest number of wins in the Champions League history. They even won the UEFA Champions League five times in a row. Real Madrid is valued right now at 5.1 billion dollars making them incredibly wealthy, basically the wealthiest football club in the market in the world. 

English clubs have been making their mark

As we previously stated, the Premier League is the main league system for men’s English football. However, that does not mean that English football clubs cannot compete in the UEFA Champions League. English clubs have actually gotten several wins after wins. Approximately five of the English clubs have actually won the Champions League. Those clubs are Liverpool, Nottingham Forrest, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Aston Villa.

Fastest goal in the Champions League

A fast goal happens from time to time during football games, but the fastest goal to happen in the Champions League is borderline absurd. The football player Roy Makaay from Bayern Munich scored a goal against the football club Real Madrid in the first 11 seconds of the game. 12 years after that, his record still remained in tact.