Incorporating Colour Into Your Summer Look

Colour and style go hand in hand, whether it’s bright funky, head-turning splashes of colour in your accessories or neutral, coordinated earthy tones that make up the majority of your outfit. You’ll always see plenty of beiges, whites and blacks on the catwalk of the popular fashion festivals, however, the outfits that undeniably grab the most attention are the ones that dazzle with highly saturated shocks of colour. You don’t have to go extreme with your colour if you are experimenting in some louder fashion instead you can offer a hint of colour in your outfit or accessories, let’s explore.

Colourful Accessories

If you are someone that largely leans towards neutral tones in your outfits, then colourful accessories provide you with plenty of room to explore your adventurous style. Whether you go for jewellery set with bright stones, scarves or belts in patterned colour or even something unique, like a beautiful flower corsage that can be worn subtly (and doesn’t have to just be for special occasions!). There are several advantages to focusing your colour in your accessories such as it’s easier to build up a greater varied collection and usually cheaper than buying an entire rainbow wardrobe of t-shirts and allows you to mix and match with your colour palette without too much concern about uncoordinated or clashing colours. Pastels and low saturated colours can be a good start to experiment with colour in your outfit but if you want to make a statement, reach for bright, vibrant tones that can quickly jazz up a largely black and white outfit. Colourful or colour pattern ties can also be a fantastic – and cost-effective – way of bringing some fun into a professional work appearance without spoiling the well-to-do look.


Choosing to incorporate colour using your shoes can be done in several ways. You can choose a pair that uses solid colour, shoes that have a flash of colour along the midsole section or a coloured pattern in certain panels. Alternatively, you can take a favourite pair of shoes and quickly add some additional colour by changing out the shoelaces – and getting creative with the lacing method – or even getting imaginative with fabric paints or non-soluble markers. There are plenty of shoe brands available that love to go adventurous with their designs from the glitter series of Doc Martin to the pop culture designs used by Converse, so you’ve got plenty of places to find inspiration for your own beloved pair of kicks.

T-Shirts and Tops

While brightly coloured jeans and trousers are available, tops and t-shirts tend to be the favoured area to bring in some decorative patterns or colours to your outfit. They also tend to be cheaper than quality bottoms, meaning you can expand your collection without breaking the bank and find the perfect palette for you. They’ve also got the benefit of becoming a subtle flash of colour when worn underneath a light-weight jacket or cardigan on breezy summer days. Additionally, a colourful but smart shirt can add an instant flash of personality to your work outfit without being over-the-top or becoming unprofessional and looks striking under a dark suit jacket.

The further benefits of adding some additional colours – particularly lighter shades – to your day-to-day summer appearance are the reflective properties. Darker colours and hues tend to hold the heat of the sun whereas lighter colours and shades reflect the sun rays, helping to keep you cool. If you are planning on adding some lightweight coloured shirts to your summer wardrobe, look towards cotton and linen as both fabrics are breathable and won’t cling to the skin. Additionally, linen is great for the beach or lake-side summer days, as it’s fast-drying and can absorb a fifth of its weight in moisture before beginning to feel damp and uncomfortable. Why not try something new this year and add some flashy colours to your summer wardrobe?

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