5 English Cities that are Perfect for Hosting an Event

When it comes to planning an event, whether it’s corporate or for entertainment purposes, there are plenty of ways to approach it. Some start by considering the facilities they’ll need whilst others focus on what events and attractions they need to make the event a success. Regardless, there are plenty of event planning considerations you need to consider and these can quickly bog you down and make things difficult.

One of the most important aspects of event planning is the venue and location. In fact, it’s arguable that apart from the event’s main attractions, the venue and amenities are the most important factor for creating a successful occasion. With that said, if you’re looking to host an event in the future, you should take some time to consider where that occasion should be hosted. Here are five of the best English cities to host your event, each offering their own advantages worth keeping in mind.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning London. As the capital and one of the largest and most diverse cities in the world, London offers a host of different advantages for anyone planning a corporate or entertainment event, or who wants to hire London escorts for the evening.

To start with, the city has excellent travel connections and can be reached easily from anywhere in the country. Secondly, the sheer size and cultural diversity of the location ensure s that you will be able to find a venue of appropriate size and specification, with plenty of room to add something unique and special depending on your preferences.

This said, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, too – so planning a budget event here may not be suitable.


On the other side of the spectrum is Nottingham. Nestled in the English midlands, Nottingham is a city which has grown in size and popularity over recent years, particularly for its balance of services and beauty. The region benefits from some beautiful hills and countryside views, with many Nottingham event and wedding venues using nature to their advantage.

Alongside stunning surroundings and classic architecture, Nottingham is also large enough to offer venues which suit events of all sizes from huge concerts to quaint private rooms. Whatever the scope of your occasion, this city can probably accommodate you.


Manchester’s status as a university city has granted it an exceptional nightlife scene and reputation for friendliness. This, alongside great travel connections, has made Manchester an amazing choice for large scale events and smaller occasions alike. Whilst a little more expensive than Nottingham, this city remains cheaper than London’s premium but offers many of its advantages. A great middle ground with a variety of venues and destinations available.


Whilst Cambridge doesn’t quite have the naturally beautiful surroundings that Nottingham does, it more than makes up for it with the beauty of the city itself. Boasting plenty of green space and exquisite architecture thanks to the infamous university, everywhere you look in Cambridge you will find something pleasing to the eye. This does mean that the city tends to avoid hulking stadiums and venues, though it does have some. In general, this will be a strong event venue choice if you’re wanting something quaint and pretty; though, Cambridge can be quite expensive so it’s important to investigate all the pricing options.


Finally, we have Leeds. As one of the largest cities in the country and with a strong student presence, Leeds is known for its nightlife, making it perfect for end-of-night afterparties. Particularly popular for corporate occasions, Leeds is culturally varied and big enough to offer a huge variety of venue choices at cheaper prices than some of the other big cities in the country. Additionally, the city is fairly easy to get to with strong travel connections through the centre of the country.

Whilst these English cities are far from the only ones worth considering, they remain some of the most popular event destinations in the country. No two events are the same, so the key to success is always to do your research and plan properly. Good luck!