How to Use Detox Pills for Passing a Marijuana Drug Test – The Best Pills for a Detoxification?

Here is one search query that eight out of ten employed adults must have typed into their browsers at least at one point in their corporate lifetimes. Now, let’s just make it perfectly clear here that we are not about to go judging anybody’s lifestyle or life choices in this post. For all the hustle and fuss and hullaballoo about it being “the gateway drug” and “the devil’s weed” (and whatever other vicious name your concerned acquaintances may have come to call it over the years), this plant in and of itself is not really such an evil thing – nor is its consumption, necessarily.

In fact, it has been shown to contain substances which have notable medical benefits, and they have been used to produce actual approved medicine, which you can learn more about at this web page. If you like to fire it up every once in a while, we are totally cool with it. If you prefer to stay devotedly away from the leaf, we are totally cool with that too. That said, many – if not literally all – employers are not one bit cool with their employees smoking weed, even on their vacation.

And this is understandable if we are being honest. Even if you are not operating heavy machinery or handling delicate apparatuses on a daily basis, having your mind boggled is hardly a way to get that promotion. Therefore, in virtually any workplace in a developed community, employment drug tests have become the norm. These typically come in two variants: those you have to take as a part of your application or recruitment process, before you can even get the job you have applied for, and workplace drug tests, which are standardized procedure performed at more or less regular intervals to make sure all the employees at a given company are clean. But what if you are not?

Well, then you are going to need a crash plan to help you fix that situation and pass your test with minimal fuss. This typically entails some form of detoxification, which usually gives excellent results. For it to work, though, you need some background knowledge on what makes weed residue stick around in your system and how you can choose to approach flushing it out.

Why does weed stay in your body?

Technically, it doesn’t, but it leaves behind residue known as metabolites. A metabolite is a byproduct that lingers after a substance has been processed by your body. Those from marijuana, THC and THC-COOH, remain in the fat tissue. To determine how much of them, you have in your system after consuming weed; you need to factor in a few different things.

You need to account for what you are consuming, how much and how often. Even setting the quality of your go-to marijuana aside, you will get different results with flowers than with concentrates, for example. Do you use it once a month? Once a week? Every day? Will you only take a puff or burn up a whole joint – or more? The more frequently you consume marijuana, and the larger the amount, the more metabolites will sediment in your fatty tissues. By extension, the more total body fat you have (for example, due to slow metabolism or a poor diet), the more THC and its residues will be stored up in it and for a longer time.

So how do you get rid of it?

You may have to adjust your strategy to the test you will have to take. You may be faced with urinalysis, a blood test, or a hair test. Each of these can be outmaneuvered by applying specific tips, but since this is a general guide on detox, and detox pills in particular, that will be our focus right now.

Natural detoxification is the ideal choice, but you can only realize it under certain conditions. It takes four to six weeks to cleanse yourself of weed residue this way, so make sure you have at least that much time. If you are overall healthy and in decent shape, just go for a balanced diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats etc., drink water, and get lots of exercise. Burning fat tissue will release the leftover metabolites into your bloodstream, which allows the body to excrete them before you get tested.

The second option is to take detox pills for passing a marijuana drug test, or some other detox products like drinks, that will clean you in three to six days. This works awesome for those times when you get a fairly short notice about an upcoming drug test and you need to be certain you will pass it safely. Most of these detoxification products rely on herbal supplements as their chief leverage in flushing the toxins out of your system. Because of their active ingredients being herbal, rather than synthetic, they do still need about half a week or a whole full week to be effective, though, so make sure to have a home drug test kit ready for after. Use it after your detox to confirm whether you are free of THC and THC-COOH residue.

Finally, if you are in a panic because your test is in a day or two, you can do a crash detox with same-day cleansing products. You can find lots of them online at pretty affordable rates. However, they are only valid for urinalysis! They temporarily affect your urinary tract and forcefully flush out the weed metabolites for a short span of time. In this window, you have the opportunity to give a clean urine sample, so you can, technically, pass a drug test that is scheduled in twenty-four hours.

Blood and hair test are trickier, though, so stay tuned for our next post about how to get around a hair drug test, too!