How often should I vacuum my carpet

Ask a hundred different people how often they think you should vacuum carpet, and you will most likely get a hundred different answers.

We all have various different ways in which we do things, and cleaning is no exception. With carpets, however, things tend to get a bit more precise, as any professional carpet cleaning service will be able to tell you.

The fact of the matter is that, unlike say areas with floorboards or even where rugs adorn throughout, carpet requires just that little bit of extra tender love and care.

As such, and depending on the type of carpet and its health, a strict cleaning and vacuuming schedule can not only retain its vibrancy, but also prolong the shelf life of the carpet itself.

For relatively new carpets, or carpet which is in prime condition (no flattened fibres, visually still has depth), it is recommended to vacuum at least once a week. As these carpet surfaces are in top shape, anything more rigorous can tend to be overkill.

However, it is still vital to keep to the once-a-week routine, as this can help to keep your carpet in its pristine health right from the start.

Older or damaged carpets will obviously need a bit more care from expert cleaners like carpet cleaning sandy, and a routine of once a week plus using deep cleaning conditioners is recommended. These conditioners, able to be purchased relatively cheaply, will after a few uses help to rejuvenate your carpets overall look and feel.

However do be warned, as this will require a lot of hard labour in manoeuvring furniture and applying the conditioners, and will tend to take up a fair chunk of time.

This goes too for households or even offices where heavy foot traffic is not just implied – it is a simple way of life. Carpet can suffer under heavy usage, and will require more frequent cleaning, despite whatever condition its in.

Vacuuming twice a week can also help to bring back the depth of the fibres of the carpet, in turn making it much more comfortable for all concerned to use.

On top of this, it is highly recommended by interior designers and cleaning professionals alike that you always employ the services of those of a trained and experienced carpet cleaner.

Not only will they know what needs to be done in the way of procedure, cleaning products, and equipment used, but they will also take a lot of the hard work out of it for you, saving you time and physical strain.

A carpet cleaning professional will be able to provide your carpeted areas with a deep-seated clean, that can also remove a lot of the nasties that simply aren’t visible to the naked eye.

They alone will not only be able to provide you with a healthy home to live in, but also provide you with a carpet that you can be truly proud of.