How To Prevent Expensive Drain Pipe Clogs

Many Toronto homeowners don’t like to think about it, and rightfully so, but the truth is there are all types of plumbing catastrophes just waiting to occur. Some of these are the result of poor design system installation, but many others are the result of poor maintenance and service when things go wrong.

Obviously, the best way to prevent drainpipe clogs that can damage yourproperty is to be in contact with a skilled plumber, one who has experience working with various types of Toronto homes. Indoor plumbing is a diverse topic, so look for professional technicians who offer drain inspection or drain snaking services in Toronto andhave the skill and experience to apply an appropriate solution that reduces the possibilities of future complications.

In addition to skill and experience with the dynamics of indoor plumbing, a skilled plumber should have a wide variety of specialized equipment – such as a drain camera or a drain snake – that they can use to solve your issue. Experience, as well as the proper tools, allows a good plumber to properly assess the situation and apply a precise solution when the issue has been determined.

There are, however, preventative measures one can take, in order to maintain healthy drainpipes. Perhaps you’ve just finished deep-frying something, and, after having eaten that heavy meal, you’re feeling tired and you don’t want to deal with the leftover fryer oil. Instead of pouring it down the sink, which can build up in your drain, pour the oil in a tin can or other container and stick in the freezer – when garbage day rolls around, you can just pop it in the garbage and voila! You’ve spared your drain some damaging grease.

If you’re the type of person who cleans their plate off in the sink, make sure you buy some kind of sink strainer to catch the food particles before they make their way down the drain. The less-than-five-bucks you spend on a sink strainer can pay off majorly in the long run.

Should you find yourself with a clogged drain, though, as mentioned, drain snaking is a great way to address the problem. A drain snake is a common implement that many DIY technicians own, but without experience with this tool it is quite possible to do more harm than good, damaging the plumbing system and even causing personal injury through misuse.

Indoor plumbing is one of the finest achievements of human design and ingenuity, but its smooth function can be disrupted by an inexperienced DIY enthusiast. Toronto homeowners can reduce the likelihood of future failures in their plumbing systems with a mixture of preventative measures and reliance on professional plumbers to provide maintenance and service. Do your best to take care of your drains by sparing them the deleterious effects of grease, coffee grinds and other food bits, but if something goes wrong, whether it’s small clogs and innocuous leaks, or major overhauls and system upgrades, professional plumbers are your best option.