How to Make Your Small Apartment Feel More Spacious

Small apartment living is the go-to situation for many people living in big cities. It’s the price you pay to live next to all the amenities you need, all the cool happenings in town and strata management services, who take care of time-consuming and annoying tasks. Living in a small space can, however, feel incredibly claustrophobic. That’s why you need to maximize your space to make it feel as spacious and open as possible. Don’t be cramped in your home – it’s where you should be able to unwind and relax after a hectic day in the city. You don’t even have to install that genius (but expensive) convertible furniture to make it happen. These simple solutions will make your small apartment the home it should be:

1. Paint the Walls a Light Color

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any apartment, including 1 bedroom apartments. Choose a light color that will brighten the walls and make your room feel airy and open. If your apartment is already a light color, check to see if there are any stains, scuffs, or other signs of aging that will make your apartment feel dingy and outdated. If you do find any, a fresh coat is needed.

2. Declutter

The biggest culprit that will make your small apartment feel even smaller is the fact that you have too many possessions. Clear out everything except the belongings you need to have, and remember the “cantaloupe rule”. This rule states that decorations that are smaller than a cantaloupe will make your apartment feel cluttered and crowded. Instead opt for larger, statement decorations. Focal points are far more effective than small accessories.

3. Alternate Lighting

Relying on the single overhead light in your room is a great way to make your room feel flat and small. Having multiple accent lights will make the room feel dynamic and bigger because of it. To achieve this effect, buy torchiere floor lamps. These lamps direct light up towards the ceiling, as opposed to traditional floor lamps that direct the light towards the floor. Their usual slender designs also mean they rarely take up too much space.

4. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to open the space and bring more light into your room. Invest in a large mirror that can act as its own window, and try to install it in a place that will catch and reflect the most light. This is particularly important if your apartment is facing away from the sun. Use a mirror to catch the sunlight and bring it into your apartment to make it feel light and airy!

5. Opt for Glass Furniture

Glass table-tops for your desk to the dining table is a great way to make your space feel bigger. The glass is a modern look, but its function here is to let you see the space in your apartment. Remember, avoid bulky furniture like the plague.

The small apartment is a reality that many of us have to live with. Follow these great design tips to make the room feel more open and refreshing so that when you’re finally done with exploring the big city, you have somewhere comfortable to come home to.