Going to a store to buy things on a whim is not the best idea. Imagine this, a person shopping with a BIG W catalogue, for instance, will save more money compared to a person who goes to the store with no idea of the products on offer. Why is it? Because the former comes equipped with the weapon of knowledge, which will help that person make an informed purchasing decision to buy the things that will save him/her money.

Another reason why prior knowledge comes in handy is that it helps make healthy choices. A person who buys impulsively from the store is less likely to purchase healthy, balanced food items.

Going unprepared is also a sure way of going over budget. A weekly or monthly meal plan can help people on a diet stick to buying things on the list. So the first step towards shopping healthy is to chart out an eating plan.

Here are a few additional tips that will help save more money during store visits:

Opt for Discounted Items: 

Going by the BIG W catalogue will help one to figure out what things on offer are necessary. Sites that offer these catalogues give the following benefits to the users:

  1. Display catalogues of various stores and their branches
  2. One can find the branch location and store timings on the page. It can help the customers to arrange their schedule around it.
  3. Some sites offer the benefit of giving out alerts. The store usually sends one when it releases new catalogues.
  4. They propose the latest offers, coupons, vouchers, promotions, and sometimes display special prizes with certain products.

Take stock before leaving home:

It is advisable to check the pantry, refrigerator, or cabinets and take stock of what items are there first before going shopping. The intention should be not to waste food and money unnecessarily. If certain things run out more often than others, like ketchup, chips, or chicken breasts, it is best to pile them into the cart when they are on a discount.

Make a List and Organise it:

Lists are a great device to have a planned shopping experience. This way, no one will miss the necessary items due to lack of memory or hastiness. If the shopping is for a menu, list down the things needed for a recipe.

Arranging them in the order of category is best. It helps save time and is a more organised system—for example, list dairy and poultry items together, then vegetables, later fruits. Finish buying them category by category until one checks off all the things on the list. It can save one a lot of time, eliminating the need to walk back and forth across the length of the store.

Stick to the List

All things at the store can be alluring and eye-catching. But it does not necessarily mean that they are essential. So the next step towards writing the list is adhering to it. So no money is wasted, and one can go home with all ingredients for that night’s dinner. It is also not a bad idea to explore items out of the list because some offers can prove better than your regular products.


As it is said, a man with a plan goes home with more savings. Staying updated with the offers and promotions reflects a disciplined lifestyle that is healthy and beneficial in the long run.