How to Make a Bar for Man Cave in 2021

Is there any man that hasn’t dreamed of a secluded cave bar? It can be the perfect place to relax after work and hang out with friends. But when creating your own bar, many questions and ambiguities arise. Let`s consider the most important aspects when creating your cave bar.

Bar for Man Cave

Tips to Start

If you do not want to sacrifice either the quality or the functionality of your bar, use these tips.

  • Create a unique interior. You can decorate the bar with cheap or even free items. Use beer bottles, caps, vinyl records, car wheels, etc. This will add a special charm and make the bar exclusive.

  • Get involved in the construction yourself. This will significantly reduce labor costs. You will gain invaluable experience and will be proud of your hand-made project.

  • Separate the space for the bar counter. Try to occupy no more than 16-20 inches wide. It is better to leave more space for guests.

  • Choose bar chairs. The ideal bar stool height is 24 to 30 inches. Approximately the same distance should be between the chairs for comfort.

The Most Important Element

It doesn’t matter if you own a commercial bar or have made a small cave bar for your own – the main thing is to choose quality tap towers.

Beer towers are an integral part of the bar. They consist of a dispenser, a beer keg, and pipes. The dispenser is usually installed on a table or work surface. Thus, you turn on the tap and pour fresh beer from the keg.

Broad Assortment

Beverage Craft offers a wide assortment of tap towers and other beer equipment. According to the type of cooling, there are:

  • air-cooled towers

  • Glycol-cooled towers

Also, beer towers differ in shape, material, number of columns, and placement.

If you want to order beer equipment, address via the live widget or call the phone number (866) 590 9299. Let your bar be the best one!