How to identify a company’s untapped potential


Whether you’re shopping around to purchase a company like Marc Leder would do, or you’re looking to take your own business to the next level, continue reading to discover how to identify a company’s untapped potential.

  1. Take a good close look at the company’s accounts

By looking at a company’s financial statements, you’ll be able to see whether the business is being run efficiently and whether there is any room for the business to grow.

As an example, you may find that a company is not producing enough of a product, which is hugely successful and could bring in a huge profit. Or you may find that the company in question, spends far too much money on paying a marketing firm of a web designer for their services.

One of the best ways to gain an accurate glimpse into a company’s current financial status and untapped potential is to take a long, thorough look at its accounts.

  1. Spend a day observing the company in action

If you’re interested in assessing a brick and mortar style company which has a physical presence, such as an office or a physical store, it’s well worth spending a day watching the company operate, in order to identify area areas which may be improved upon!

As an example, if you spend a day in a physical shop, you may find that there is an opportunity for improvement when it comes to pricing or stocking goods. Or that the staff could do with a short training course, in order to better serve their customers.

Alternatively, if the business in question doesn’t boast a physical premise, it may be worth spending several hours assessing its website, to see whether there may be aspects of the website, which may be putting potential customers off making a purchase.

  1. Hire a business mentor to give you their professional opinion

An experienced business mentor who has achieved their own success in business should be able to easily identify areas which a company may be able to improve on, in order to increase their profit margin and revenue.

After all business mentors are adept at being able to replicate their success, whether they choose to open a second business or whether they choose to help other business owners achieve phenomenal success.

  1. Look at the company’s up to date business plan

It’s also well worth reading through the company’s most recent business plan, which will give you a clear view of the company’s immediate plans for the future as well as their long-term plans and goals. As you may well identify untapped potential, which should be addressed in the next company business plan.

Whether you’re interested in unlocking your own business’ untapped potential or you’re interested in possibly purchasing a business, it’s well worth taking the four handy tips listed above to heart. As they may well help you take your business to the next level or decide whether or not you’re interested in purchasing a ready-made business which is currently for sale.