4 of the top universities in Alabama


If you are considering applying for colleges in the state of Alabama, Kevin Rolle would suggest you simply continue reading to discover four of the top universities, which you may be interested in applying to attend.

Four of the Top Universities in Alabama:

  1. The University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa

The University of Alabama which was established in 1831, is the highest ranked university in the state of Alabama and has an admissions rate of approximately 50-60%. Which makes The University of Alabama one of the most selective universities in Alabama. Student enrollment normally varies from 35,000-40,000 students.

Currently, The University of Alabama offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in arts and humanities, business and social sciences, languages, medicine, engineering and science and technology. In total, the University of Alabama offers 77 unique undergraduate degrees, so no matter what subjects you’re passionate about, you’ll be able to find a program which is catered to your individual interests.

  1. Troy University – Troy

Troy University was founded in 1887 and currently admits 40-50% of college applicants. Examples of the degrees which potential students can enroll in include arts and humanities, business and social sciences, languages, languages, medicine, engineering and science and technology. However, the options for doctorate students are far more limited as Troy University only offering doctoral programs for language students and engineering students.

Troy University offers a wide variety of on-site campus facilities, examples of which include the John M. Long School of Music, the Rosa Parks Library and Museum, the Davis Theater, and the W.A. Gayle Planetarium. So no matter what your interests are you’re sure to feel at home at Troy University!

  1. Samford University – Birmingham

Samford University is the number one ranked private university in the state of Alabama and offers a more intimate campus experience than most public universities. As the average number of enrolled students normally reaches around 5,400 students across 31-degree programs.

The average class size at Samford University is around 21 students, so if you’re on the hunt for a university where you won’t get lost in the crowd and will be given the individual attention which you deserve, it’s well worth visiting Samford University for a campus tour.

  1. Jacksonville State University – Jacksonville

If you’re looking for an affordable university, you may be interested in finding out more information about Jacksonville State University, which was established in 1883 and is a non-profit university. Jacksonville State University offers 6 world class schools the School of Arts & Humanities, the School of Science, the School of Business & Industry, the School of Human Services & Social Sciences and the School of Education.

Jacksonville State University also offers a variety of clubs, where you can easily make new friends, examples of which include various Greek fraternities and sororities as well as a history club, a geography club, a math club and a jujitsu club.

If you have your heart set on attending an Alabama based university, it’s well worth applying to all four of the world-class universities listed above. As all four universities offer plenty of opportunities to learn and to excel as well as to make life-long friends.