How to get your own Markle sparkle.

Source Flickr | Genevieve

There are not many people who have not seen, and envied, the looks and poise of Meghan Markle. Part of her enduring appeal is the way she effortlessly carries off her own unique style, vastly different from the bland, cookie cutter looks of so many of todays “most glamourous”.

One of the most memorable things about her first appearances on the royal stage was the constant reference in the media to the “Markle Sparkle”. For some it was taken as a reference to the new light she brought to the press coverage of events and her bright personality. Many also use it when talking about her attractive dusting of light freckles. Distinctive but almost understated features like this add real warmth and beauty to a face and are part of the confidence, dignity, and poise she oozes with every step. Many of us would love to emulate that look. If we had our way there are so many tweaks and alterations that we would make to the way we look.

Whenever you see the beautiful people in the press, they never seem to have smudged lip lines, their eyebrows are always crisp and immaculate with no smearing in sight. Their eyeliner looks like they would never dream of rubbing their eyes in a million years.

The problem is none of this reflects real life as we know it. Going out can actually be quite a tense experience rather than relaxing, you always have to be on your guard to keep your make up immaculate. Regular checks in the mirror almost get in the way of just kicking back and enjoying yourself. Some people feel that the only time saving beauty treatment available to them is the variety of permanent lash extensions, for everything else it is still going to need manual application and touching up on a regular basis.

We caught up with Janette Vince the owner of Designer Permanent Makeup and put the question to her. “It is amazing how many people come to us with just that wrong belief especially nowadays. We have a load of permanent and semi-permanent make up treatments available that save you time every single day, and you never need to worry about.”

Looking into it a little further it turns out there are many things you can do that will give you your own lasting, maintenance free sparkle.

One of the obvious ones is the application of freckle tattoos whose colour fades naturally over a period and look very natural surprisingly quickly.

There are many more options though. Semi-permanent eye liner relieves one of the fiddliest make up concerns and can be used to define and change the perceived shape of the eyes. Lip tattoos refine the lips and preserve that sharp border line even as we grow older helping keep a more youthful look without the effort. Eyebrow tattoos let you select a shape and colour to apply during the treatment that can go years without the need for a top up giving an incredible convenience, time saving and confidence that the look will always be right and consistent.