How to Get Her Back From Another Man

“I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.”

Who would ever forget this famous line from the popular novel and movie “The Notebook?”

Love indeed changes you, how you feel and how you see things, and that to love and be loved is the best feeling in the world. For so many reasons, love inspires you to be optimistic, creative, and selfless. There are just so many things that you can be, and this is because you have so much love to give. Love makes it all flow out from your inner being naturally.

There are times, however, that you feel that you have fallen out of love and that you decided to end your relationship. After some months or years, you realized that you are still genuinely in love with the person and cannot live without her. Things changed, and you found the person in a new relationship. Yet, you decide to get her back and fix things to start all over again.

But how will you win her back, now that she has a new man?

This article will help you identify the problems in your past relationship and determine the solution for your previous relationship. By doing this, you can get your ex-partner back to you. Also, it will enumerate ways that you should follow so that you can start your move.

Determine the Cause of the Problem and Find the Solution to It

Things happen as they are because of a reason, and you cannot deny that you broke up for a negative idea as for your relationship. Remember that to get her back; you have to find that reason, fix it if there is any and then try to talk to her.


It includes the problem that you might be dealing with yourself. For a relationship to be healthy and going, you should be in the right mindset too. Some of the negative feelings and attitudes that you might have are being pessimistic, insecure, arrogant, rude, unloving, or judgmental. Also, problems in your family can hunt you down, and you have to get over about all of these. Visit this link for more information.

Fix-It: Change yourself little by little and day by day. It might be hard to start, but you have to fix yourself first before anything else. Get rid of your negative attitudes now by seeking help from people you trust. It could be a family relative, friend, or an expert who knows you so well. The important thing is that you begin the change; the rest will slowly fall into place.


It is one of the many problems in a broken relationship. Life gets so busy that you forget to ask each other how the day has been and how it harms the relationship. Communication is essential because you can show your sincerity, care, and love. Never underestimate its meaning to your life and relationship.

Fix-It: Time is essential. Give time to everything by setting schedules. Your work and personal hobbies or activities should not draw shade into your lover’s time. Could you treat it with the same importance? Know your priority and let go of the things that you can do better without it.

Partner’s role and value

When someone loses his or her self-value, it becomes harder to make decisions and live the relationship. It is the time that the person loses respect to herself and forgets that she is capable of loving. It is where the relationship starts to drift. It is because the person believes that she cannot give anything anymore, and that there is a feeling of exhaustion.

Fix-It: Get to know more about the responsibilities of your partner. Give him or her the right to be herself. Never manipulate the person to act on things that she is not comfortable to do. Respect her side, decision, and judgments.

Ways to Start Your Move

Get in Touch With Her

You probably still have her number or address. You can start sending a message to her by asking her how she is doing. Tell her that you would like to hang out with her, probably have a lunch or dinner with her. You can click here to read the full article for more tips. I’m sure there’s some way you can reach out without looking too weird.

Set up a Date With Her

Once she approves of the date, make sure that you go for something new. Get a restaurant or a café where the ambiance and view are nice and quiet so that you can talk peacefully. It is essential because it sets up the mood for the both of you. Also, a pleasant ambiance can help clear your mind from all negativities inside you and around you.

Be honest about your feelings.

Tell her why you rekindled the ties. Let your feelings out. Show that you are sincere in winning her back again. Be honest about your mistakes. Assure her that you have changed for the better.

It may be difficult at first to win her back, but remember that in love, there is nothing impossible as long as you have pure intentions. Love wins.