How to Find a Qualified Lawyer?

It is vital to pick a qualified lawyer if you wish to see a successful outcome for your legal matter. Many people make the mistake of seeing all the lawyers with one eye. All lawyers are different from one another in terms of experience and skills.

Law is one of the most loved professions in the US and there are around 500,000 lawyers such as Maloney and Partners working in the industry today finding different cases. While many argue that we need more lawyers, but the fact is that it is already hard to find a good lawyer among this crowd of lawyers.

All the lawyers claim to be the best at what they do, and you need to be careful when making a choice as you should not blindly believe whatever you are told.

There are several things that can help you determine if a lawyer is right for you or not.

You cannot afford to make a wrong choice since a lot is on the line. You cannot do much when you lose a case once, so you need to be careful from the beginning.

Here is all that you need to know when it comes to hiring a lawyer:

Find Them and then Visit Their Office

Many people keep their lawyer client relationship limited to online conversations only. If you are in search of a qualified lawyer then you need to do more. Search for a lawyer according to their success ratio and then give them a visit at their office.

When you visit their office, see what the environment looks like. Pay attention to small details as it will let you know how professional they are.

Having a personal connection is important as it will give you an idea about how skilled a lawyer is. However, there is no harm in finding a lawyer through the internet.

In fact, it is the quickest and cheapest way to do so. You can run a search on the internet and make a list of lawyers that you find good.

The list can be based on several factors including your budget, their availability etc.

You can judge a lawyer based on their success ratio and what others have to say about their services. Third party reviews and testimonials can be of great help in this regard.

You can see what others have to say about a lawyer to make a judgment.

Interview Them

Next step involves interviewing the lawyer. When we say interview, we mean to know the lawyer up close and personal.

  • Ask the lawyer about their previous track record. Inquire what kind of cases have they dealt with and what was the outcome.
  • Learn how much experience he or she has.
  • Learn about their career and how long they have been in the industry.

All these questions will clear a lot of confusion in your mind and give you a clear picture.

What’s Their Specialty?

Every lawyer has expertise in specific cases. Some are great at murder cases, some at mercantile law and some social issues.

Learning about the specialty of a lawyer can help you determine if a lawyer is qualified enough or not.

Some lawyers fight different kind of cases but they are not always good at all of them so it is important to be careful.

You can directly ask a lawyer what their specialized field is and if they will be comfortable presenting your case.

Ask Their Opinion

This is a very important factor. You need to find a lawyer who is confident, so ask your lawyer what they think of your case and if they see a good future.

If the answer is not satisfactory, then you can look for other options. Many lawyers are not confident and shy away from instilling confidence in their clients.


We are sure following these guidelines will make it easy for you to find a good lawyer for your case. You can find information on criminal defense lawyers here if you are looking for a criminal lawyer.