How to Download iCloud Data to Your Computer


What is iCloud?

When Steve Jobs introduced the iCloud service to all Apple users, many of us didn’t know why it was invented or if we will ever need to use it. A few years later it became more than just a storage space for three simple reasons:

  • It can be used as additional storage space;
  • By using iCloud you can get access to the data from all of the other Apple devices;
  • You can store data as a backup copy.

iCloud works seamlessly with all iOS devices, meaning that you can use it to upload files from your Mac desktop for example, and access them from your iPhone, or upload music from your iPad and access them from your iPod.  Each user has an iCloud account, which can be accessed with an Apple ID.

The basic storage plan gives users 5GB, but everything that’s been purchased from iTunes has unlimited free storage. So, if you buy music from iTunes for example, it won’t be included in the 5GB limitation. Not to mention that you’ll be able to listen to your new songs from any other Apple device.

As you can see, iCoud really comes in handy when it comes to transferring and accessing data. But what if you wish to download files from iCloud to your computer? Or let’s say that you only have an iPhone and your computer/laptop is using Windows instead of Mac.

Downloading iCloud data

Whenever you find yourself in the situation of needing to organize your notes, save some files or print some photos for example, you always encounter one big problem. Transferring data from the iCloud or from iTunes backup files to your computer can’t be done so easily because extracting individual files from backup files isn’t doable without the help of a third-party software. For security reasons, Apple users can’t access data from old backup files without restoring the backup. This gap has been filled by tools that were designed specifically for recovering, retrieving and extracting data.

You can now download the content of your iCloud to your computer, by simply installing the Enigma Recovery software on your PC. It can also be used to extract files from iTunes backup files and transfer them to your laptop/computer. The recovery tool works both on Mac and Windows, and it can be used for iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch.

By using Enigma Recovery, you’ll be able to recover even deleted files. Downloading iCloud backups to a computer has never been easier. Read about it here, and follow the detailed tutorial on how to do it. The official website also includes tutorials on how to recover deleted data from iTunes and iCloud backup files, how to recover iPhone data from damaged devices, how to transfer specific files from your device directly into your computer and much more.