How to be a Better Business Leader


It is often said that a business is only as good as its leader and in many cases throughout history this has been proved though failing businesses turning themselves around as the result of placing a great leader at the helm.

Many people are born to be leaders, they have the characteristics and the skill set from birth which makes them command those around them. The amount of people who are born with this is few and the rest of us must work hard on honing or skills and abilities to improve as leaders. We had  chat with Haris Ahmed Chicago-based business expert to find out how you can become a better leader in business.

Watch and Learn

Many people think that just because they are in a position of power that they already have all the skills which they need to be a great business leader but this is only true to a point. It is important that you are humble enough to admit that you will never be the finished article and a great way of improving your skills is to enroll on a course such as online Master of Engineering Management. You can also watch other successful leaders around you. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery and whilst nobody is saying that you should directly copy the style of one of your peers or colleagues, you should most definitely take inspiration form the way in which they successfully lead.

Seek Feedback

We all love for others to tell us how great we are but many of us will shut our ears when it comes to hearing negative feedback. However, understanding your weaknesses and how you can overcome them is vitally important in being a great leader and you should be actively encouraging those around you to give you any constructive criticism. The second part to this is listening to that feedback and acting upon it, as mentioned before, you will never be the finished article but you should constantly be aiming for that level of perfection.

Test and Try

There is nothing wrong with modifying your style of leadership and testing or trying out new ways of working and new methods to see how they land. Throughout your career you should be constantly seeking to change and evolve with the times. Part of adapting is about trying new things, they may not always work but you will never know until you have tried.

Regular Health Check

As part of seeking to be a better business leader you should be regularly checking yourself to se if you are improving. In order to measure yourself you should be setting goals around how you will improve. These goals can be professional goals such as incremental sales, higher profits or successful growth or they can be more personal such as better team feedback or higher levels of morale in the work place. As with anything in life that you are seeking to improve, you need to set yourself goals on how it will take place and then review the progress ever 3-6 months.