How to Add a Solid Color Background to Your Photo

Almost 55,000 photos are taken every second around the world, so you need to make your own ones pretty special. Sometimes the photo is not perfect when you first make it, so you might need to change something like the colors or the background. But do you know how to change a photo to have a solid color background or similar?

Below you can find a short tutorial on the steps you need to take to turn one photo background into another. You will learn your different options and what you can expect from each. 

Open the Photo and Create a Second Layer

If you want to replace a photo background, the first thing you need to do is open the image in the manipulation tool of your choice. Then, you need to create a second layer and ensure that it is behind the first. This will be your background layer.

Select the Subject

In some software, such as Adobe Photoshop, you can use a one-button solution to select the subject of a photo. If this does not work, you could always use a “magic wand” tool, or object selection tools to select the subject.

Refine the Edge

The selection is unable to be perfect, but use additive and reductive selections to refine this selection. 

With some tools, you may then be able to create a mask based on the selected area. If you cannot, then you can instead invert the selection and delete the non-subject area.

If you can create a mask, you can paint the edges of your mask to perfect how the resulting image looks. 

Solid Color Background

If you want to change background colors, select the background layer and use your program’s tools to fill the background with a single color. This will give you a new background for the photo that can be any color you wish to use.

Other Photo

Another option is to change the photo background to another photo. This can make the subject appear to be somewhere they were not originally. You only need to paste a new photo in the background and resize or pan it to fit.

Use an Online Tool

If you do not want to go through all that hassle, another option is to use a free background remover online. These free tools will do all the heavy-lifting and leave you with a ready-to-use image that you can then put on any background you wish.

You only need to save the image, create a second layer with a background color in your tool of choice, then place the exported image on the first layer.

This is appealing to many people because of the simplicity of only uploading their photos and receiving exactly what they want back.

Where to Learn More

You should now have a much better idea of how to set a solid color background on your photo. You can now change the image background of any photo that you have. If you still want to learn more, though, we have a lot more to offer.

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