How Mazda Fans Decide On Their Favourite Vehicle

Mazda is the kind of auto maker that inspires brand loyalty, because no matter what type of vehicle you’re stepping into, if it’s made by Mazda, you know that it’s going to take driving seriously. Long known for its sporty sensibility, it puts the fun back into driving, whether you’re behind the wheel of an MX-5 convertible or a classic Mazda 3 sedan. It’s the kind of auto maker that can go with you through all the stages in your life, but how do drivers decide which one to buy in the end?

Toronto Mazda Options

Mazda 3 – Long the best-selling model from the Mazda lineup, the Mazda 3 is a reliable, affordable sedan and in 2017 it’s got plenty of room, despite its compact footprint. With sporty drivability and performance, as well as a good fuel economy, it’s a solid choice for city driving and a top choice for Mazdas in Toronto.

Mazda CX-3 – Mazda’s entry in the subcompact crossover market is a competitive one, proving to be the most fun out of its competitors. Like all compact crossovers, it combines the platform of a car (true SUVs use the platform of a truck), with a unibody design inspired by the SUV. It’s a smart, sensible vehicle for city driving while sitting higher up than your average sedan.

Mazda MX5 – Coupe or convertible, the Mazda X5 is a luxurious compact crossover that has plenty of sports car influence, one of Mazda’s trademark design and performance philosophies. The crossover sector of the auto industry is sometimes criticized for its utilitarian, inoffensive character, but the Mazda X5 takes the safety and space of the popular model and adds precise steering, sports car-like feedback, and a suspension that handles corners with poise.

Used Mazda Cars

Buying used Mazda cars is an effective way to save money; buying used will shave thousands of dollars off of models that are only a few years old. Toronto Mazda dealers such as Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda buy used Mazdas typically as part of a trade in on a new car purchase, or you can get them certified pre-owned at the end of a lease.You can buy certified pre-owned with confidence and certainty, with a 7-year powertrain warranty and 24-hour roadside assistance, as well as extended coverage available from the right Mazda dealer in Toronto.

Mazda Dealerships Near You

When you’re looking for a new Mazda, once you’ve decided on the vehicle that fits your lifestyle, you want to find a Toronto Mazda dealership you can trust. Instead of hitting dealership after dealership, your best bet is to research Mazda dealerships in Toronto online. These days, dealers should have all of their MSRPs online, as well as information about financing, leasing, and options. Look up inventories of Mazda cars on dealer sites like Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda. Find out about monthly specials or, if the website has one, get in touch with an informed sales representative through their website’s live chat. It’s an easy way to get answers about the vehicle you’re consider quickly.