How International Parcel Delivery Will Grow and Expand Over the Next 10 Years

Thanks to technological advancements, shipping for couriers and freight companies has been improved dramatically over the past 10 years.

Businesses today can easily and quickly send parcels to clients and customers in practically any other country. While there are numerous regulations and restrictions placed on global shipping, the process itself has become much more streamlined in recent years. So, what can we expect from international deliveries in the next 10 years?

Initial progress will be slow and problematic

According to some expects, international shipping will take a hit over the next 12 months. This forecast is unsurprising really when you take into account the drastic changes taking place politically and economically this year. The UK has triggered Brexit and the US has a new president; both of which have caused concern over the economy.

The main reasons experts are predicting an initial slump in international shipping is because of an expected drop in earnings and freight rates being depressed.

What about long-term developments?

While initial reports may be negative, there are some changes coming which could improve the internationally shipping industry.

Cloud computing is one thing that is set to be introduced as early as later this year. As it stands, the Cloud is used by around 71.3% of services used by the majority today’s organisations. As of yet however, it isn’t being used within the shipping industry. This is set to help with long-term success of shipping operations.

A reduction in frictional resistance is also being worked on which would help to make international shipping more affordable. The fuel savings being looked into won’t just make it cheaper for businesses to ship products overseas, but it will also help to protect the environment too.

So, there are changes on the way which should help to improve the international shipping process. For the time being, there are great, affordable and fast global shipping services available. You can even get packages sent to India in record time thanks to companies such as Myparceldelivery

Overall, international shipping has changed a lot in recent years. Companies in the UK can now easily send parcels to other countries provided they use the right courier. Over the next 10 years it’s likely we’ll see a lot of significant changes, starting with the introduction of the above fuel saving and cloud computing plans.