How Ingredient Suppliers Support Pharmacies

Pharmacies have aisles filled with products like shampoos, cosmetics and medicines, and although these products all have completely different uses, they have one main thing in common: they were formulated with ingredients from a major supplier. Large suppliers help source innovative ingredients to serve the multiple markets within the pharmaceutical and self-care industries. With the help of ingredient suppliers, customers will get the best results from the products that they purchase at their nearest pharmacy.

Ingredient suppliers do more than provide edible ingredients for the food industry, they provide ingredients for products in the pharmaceutical and self-care industries as well. The suppliers source and sell ingredients to various markets of the pharmaceutical industry, like hard and soft capsules, direct compression tablets, syrups, medicated creams, lotions, and medical nutritionals and beverages. Suppliers cater to the self-care industry by providing ingredients for products that can aid with beauty, hygiene and physical health. The self-care markets that are reached include: agglomerated and wet granulation, aqueous film coatings, antiperspirants, baby products, bath salts, body washes, colour cosmetics, creams and lotions, facial masks and cleansers, hair care, shaving products, skin and sun care. An ingredient supplier is involved with making products as effective as possible, so that the customer is pleased with their trip to the pharmacy whether they went for cough medicine or makeup.

If a company within a market of the pharmaceutical or self-care industry is looking for a supplier, they should choose an experienced one with a focus on market trends. One company that has been in business in the Canadian personal care industry and pharmaceutical industry for over twenty-five years is CCC Ingredients. The company has created a strong and reliable reputation by sourcing the best products to serve the needs of Canadians —CCC Ingredients has an extensive portfolio filled with high-quality, innovative and effective ingredients.

CCC Ingredients has an active marketing team that focuses on trends and patterns within the market, so that they can source specific products that reflect those insights. The marketing team finds manufacturers who are breaking ground with incredible ingredients and then partners with them to impact the Canadian market. For example, one of CCC Ingredients’ top manufacturers is AkzoNobel, which recently produced the ElfaMoist AC. The ElfaMoist AC is a humectant for the next generation, used in products for highly effective skin hydration, as the humectant moisturizes the skin for up to thirty hours upon application. The ElfaMoist can be placed in body lotion, baby cream, under eye treatments and even moisturizing hand soaps.

Ingredient suppliers support pharmacies by sourcing and providing the ingredients to make their products as effective as possible. By keeping up with marketing trends and finding trailblazing manufacturers, companies like CCC Ingredients can help the pharmaceutical and the self-care industries meet customer desires and demands. With reliable ingredient suppliers, pharmacies can be filled with the highest-quality products to meet the needs of all Canadians, whether they need medicine for their cough or a long-lasting moisturizer for their skin.