How Can Big Data Be Utilized In Content Writing?

One thing you might not know is that most of the information you are consuming right now was actually created in the past 2 years. As 2 more years pass there will be close to 2 MB of data that is generated every single second. This is for every single human in the entire world. Obviously, this is great for the content writing services that are using large data amounts (commonly referred to as big data) to create highly captivating content. If relevant content is in place, traffic is increased, extra advertising options appear and businesses grow.

As highlighted by Steven Scott Google analyzes content constantly and gathers impressive amounts of data. Content writers would love to get their hands on the data that Google has since this would help them create really good content.

Content writing has the main purpose in promoting services or products that are relevant, with the use of compelling content. This does seem to be easy but in most cases it is really hard to come up with highly original content. But how does big data help the content writer? Here are some things to consider right now.

Getting New Information By Comparing Stats

Comparing stats helps get a lot of useful information for content writers and marketers. For instance, OKCupid analyzed data gathered for 5 years to see how attraction is linked to race and how dating preferences for women and men changed along the years. Such data was utilized to try to understand preferential profiles for users. At a content writing level, brand new information was presented so new discussions could be generated.

Understanding What Target Audience Really Wants To Know

As a content writer a main goal is to deliver content that people actually want to read. You cannot do this if you do not know what the target audience wants. Big data helps you to find your content writer voice. Segmenting can be utilized to go through demographics like gender, education, employment status, age, location, interests and income.

When you have access to such information you manage to better understand and respond to target audience needs. Target consumers are introduced to services or products in a better and more effective way.

Creating An Effective Human Profile

Through large data volumes you can help the site’s search engine optimization but keep in mind that the content that is created is not built for machines, it is intended to be read by people. Big data can be used to create target audience profile. You turn information into humans so you can communicate topics in a better way.

Brand New Insights

Content writing is not at all easy. It is a true challenge. This is especially the case when your goal is to make writing interactive. Because data will originate from one of 3 main internet sources (publicly available sources, social media and streaming), readers can be asked for feedback or input so you can get extra information. Then, you can get new content ideas as you remain completely faithful to content marketing strategies.