Home Reno Ideas for 2020

These days it seems that everyone wants to upgrade their house into something fantastic and beautiful. This is particularly true if you are one of those families who live in an older home. Why not upgrade it and make it the home of your dreams, especially if you aren’t in the market to buy a new home or move. If this sounds like your situation, check out these handy home upgrades that you can consider in 2020 to help make your home the ideal place to be. You won’t need to worry about any visitors coming up to your door – whether they’re donor acquisition people, friends, the mailman or even just passers by. 


When it comes to the outside of your home, there’s no better way to upgrade it than by either painting it or repairing your existing decks. If you don’t have a deck or patio, why not have one installed? Decking is a great way to bring new life to a house and provide you with a fab spot that you can enjoy the summer months with friends and family over barbecues and a cheeky drink or three. Not only that, but you can make your new deck look modern and sophisticated by adding some outdoor glass railing to your decking or patio? This will be sure to impress your guests, visitors and even passers by who may end up coming up to ring your doorbell to inquire where you got such a spiffy looking deck from. 


If you own your own home – whether it’s in the city or country – you will want to ensure the property is weather ready year round. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure your painting and siding is weather proof and you have good seals on doors and windows to keep heat in during those cold winter months. Getting pipe frost protection is a great way to help ensure that your home will remain safe from frozen pipes – a real issue in some places in the world where the mercury can dip below frigid levels, a danger if you go away for holidays in the winter months and have no one to house sit for you. Play it safe and ensure your pipes won’t freeze. You’ll be glad you did. 


When it comes to indoors, there’s no end to the different things you can do to upgrade your home. From adding a new lick of paint to redoing floors, changing up textiles or replacing doors, depending on your budget and time frame, upgrading your interior can either be done seemingly overnight or over a couple of weeks. Kitchen upgrades seem to be all the rage these days with full kitchens becoming more and more affordable for many. There’s no better way to really do up your home than by redoing your kitchen – the apparent heart of many people’s homes. 

There you have a couple great ideas for home renos that you can do almost any time of year that will help spruce up your space without needing to necessarily break the bank. Enjoy!