Help Your Child Develop Life Skills from an Early Age

It’s a well-known fact that childhood is the most productive stage for acquiring knowledge, and what parents need to learn is how to take advantage of that. Making sure your child develops useful life skills is important, and it needs to start from early childhood. Read on to learn how.

Balance work with your family responsibilities

Raising a child with no childcare is virtually impossible if you intend to keep your job and maintain your lifestyle. The benefits of day care centres are numerous – they offer a wide range of activities for children to enjoy, and the focus is on their intellectual development and improving their social and cognitive skills, which is why an early learning centre in West Ryde can be an excellent choice for your child’s growth and development. Children who attend day-care spend around thirty hours a week away from their parents. That is why it is so important to choose high-quality child care like Leslie Street Daycare for the proper development of children. However, it is important to work with children at home too, in order to achieve the best results.

The sooner, the better

Statistics have shown that the later children enter kindergarten, the higher the chances that they will be falling behind later in their educational career. What’s more, research suggests that children who receive formal education before kindergarten are likely to benefit in terms of being better behaved and scoring higher in IQ tests upon entering kindergarten when compared to their peers who didn’t receive any early formal training.

Invest in high-quality early education programs

Shaping children’s minds from an early age is essential and proper education is imperative. Early education is an important step towards getting a child into school. In many preschool programs, the focus is on early learning and academics. Children have the opportunity to interact with their peers, learn in a stimulating environment and work on their cognitive skills, which results in better grades, improved social skills, obedience, and enhanced attention spans. What’s more, research suggests that children who were taught to speak a second language from an early age are more successful in acquiring English language at a young age. Enrolling your child in one of the programs Mulberry House offers means equipping them with knowledge and skills necessary for further development, and ensuring success later in life.

Good education shapes children into successful adults

Developing a range of skills that are going to be useful later in life is what preschool programs aim to achieve. Besides ensuring proper mental and physical development of children, there are other benefits that early education brings with it. Education reduces poverty, and having your child educated in developmental years is a step towards better income and financial stability later in life. What’s more, studies prove that improving children’s social and cognitive skills from an early age reduces the chances of them being involved with criminal justice system, thus benefiting both the family and the society as a whole.

Investing in children means investing in the future

Some parents are reluctant to enrol their children in any preschool programs as long as they are not legally required to do so. They opt for educating their children by themselves for financial reasons, or they believe that everything they need to know can be obtained through discipline and strict upbringing. What they fail to realize is how much easier and better children learn when they’re enrolled in a quality preschool program and developing their skills with educated professionals. That way, not only are you investing in your child, but you’re also investing in your future and their future together. Providing your children with a high-quality early education means you’ll have more time to focus on building your career since you’ll be sure that the education of your children is being taken care of properly.

There are numerous benefits that early education brings to children – from developing  social and cognitive skills and being able to acquire another language more easily, to being better equipped for later stages in life than most of their peers. Quality education programs for children are imperative for raising a successful individual and by opting for one, you’re ensuring a bright future for your little one.