Guide to Gem Rocks Slot

At first glance, Gem Rocks might look confusing. It might look a little complicated. It might not look as though it is something you really want to be involved with. Yet the truth is that, once you get underneath the outer layer and dig down to the gems underneath, Gem Rocks is a playable game with a wealth of prizes on offer. 

The thing that both intrigues and puts people off when it comes to Gem Rocks slot is the spectacular 4096 different ways to win. Surely, with this many winning combinations, it can’t be an easy game to play? Because if it was, everyone would win every time, wouldn’t they? Well, the truth is that maths doesn’t really work like that, and although there are many ways to play, that doesn’t mean the gameplay has to be complicated to offset it. Neither does it mean, however, that you are guaranteed a win.

The Theme

Gem Rocks is an unusual game altogether, but its theme is also rather odd which makes it unique in a world full of slot games. The premise is that characters shaped like rocks have to race around the world, which itself is made of gemstones. The overall game is set within a massive rock. It doesn’t make any sense, but it works all the same. 

The graphics are exceptional and really bring the strange idea to life – Gem Rocks looks absolutely beautiful. The colours are vivid and exciting, and there isn’t really a lot bad to say about how it looks. If you’re into attractive slot games that offer simple gameplay, Gem Rocks might be exactly what you need. 

Simple Gameplay

When we say that Gem Rocks is a simple game to play we really mean it. It consists of the traditional slot itself and nothing more. There are no bonus games, no extra features, no mini-games within other games. There is nothing extra at all that comes with Gem Rocks. On a positive note, that means you won’t get distracted and you can play to your hearts content on the reels. On a negative note, it means you won’t be able to change things up and make them more interesting if you’re getting tired of playing in the same way over and over again. 

Which of these takes you have on the game is down to you and how you like to play, of course. Some will love it, others will hate it. Others still will give it a go just to see what it’s like when there are over 4000 winning combinations. So even if you think you might not want to play Gem Rocks, putting a few pennies into the slot, virtually that is, certainly can’t do any harm and at least you can say you’ve played it. 

What It’s Like

There are six reels to play with on Gem Rocks (more than the more traditional five, so of course there will be additional ways to win). The reason you can win so many times is that every time you do get a winning combination you’ll see those winning symbols completely disappear and more will spin around for you. It’s fun to watch because you never know how it’s going to land, and you could easily double or even triple your winnings without having to do anything or pay any more money. In this regard, it is surprising that more people don’t play Gem Rocks – it’s actually an incredibly generous game. 

In order to play you need to set your bet for this six reel, 4096 payline game. Click on the coin value + or – buttons and you can find the right amount for you, something you’re comfortable playing with. Something that is interesting about Gem Rocks is that you can start with a teeny tiny bet if you want to, as the coins begin at 0.002 – almost unheard of – and go up to 1. There is an autoplay function too, but if you start to win then this will feel as though it has been triggered even when it hasn’t so don’t panic if that is the case. It’s not going wrong. 

Build The Wins

If you can get two wins in a row you will have one 2×2 symbol added to the reels. This symbol actually guarantees that you will receive a win but look out for the shocks as it also causes a gigantic rock to crash into the screen! The more of these you get the better. Five wins in a row gives you a 3×3 symbol, and nine wins is the 4×4 symbol. All added together, this came by Yggdrasil can offer as much as 9000 times your bet in winnings. Even if you only place a penny, you can still walk away with heavy pockets. 

Not For Everyone

We have to be honest – Gem Rocks is not going to be something that appeals to everyone. It’s extremely simple, and much of the time you won’t even be doing anything. Once you choose your stake and start the game it can quickly take on a life of its own. Yet this is what some people are going to love about this game. It is simple. It isn’t something that requires a lot of thought. It is happy to do its own thing and reward you for being patient. If that sounds like your kind of slot game, starting playing now because you might just find a new favourite. 

Of course, that elusive 4×4 symbol is what everyone wants, but it is rare. Very rare. It doesn’t always make itself known at all during a session of playing Gem Rocks, and therefore you cannot rely on it – when it does come it is sure to be fairly random. Having said that, players have reported that the 2×2 and the 3×3 mega monster symbols do come along more frequently, and they can give you a nice amount of winnings. So all is not lost – just because you might not ever hit the jackpot doesn’t mean you’ll walk away empty handed.