Garage Door Opener Remote Troubleshooting Tips

For a hassle-free and muted opening and closing of the garage doors, garage door openers make a better choice. Switches, keypads or wall-mount buttons are installed on the garage walls, where a private code is entered to control functions of the garage door openers. For a short distance command these garage door openers also come with a remote control to regulate its activities.

Remote are one of the most convenient things about an electric-operated garage that can trigger its movements. To stimulate the door from outside most landholders use handheld remotes.

Identify the problem first:

If the garage door suddenly stops working or doesn’t budge at all as it should, try looking for the possible glitches yourself first before consulting with expensive professionals. If the door doesn’t open when you operate it with the remote and it does when you press the button on the wall-mounted control keypad, the source of the problem might have just been located.

Reprogram or Reset the Keypad or the Remote:

If you suspected the problem correctly, try retuning and reprogramming the keypad or the remote control. The remote control or keypad have sensitive electronics which can sometimes lose its programming and might need a resetting. Reprogramming of each garage door opener has a somewhat different method, so for your particular opener you need to refer the guidelines manual or look for information online on how this is done. For manual instruction you’ll require your owner’s manual, as for each remote the manufacturer has varied the procedure to reset the remotes. It involves pushing the buttons on the keypad and on the remote in a specific order, hence a relatively quick fix. Check for the online solutions on the manufacturer’s website if you cannot trace your owner’s manual.

Replace or Reset the Batteries:

When using garage remote, batteries play a significant role. A radio transmitter is fitted in every garage remote, while a corresponding radio receiver is installed in the door opener. In order for a garage door to work by a remote control, the radio transmitter must emit a strong enough signal and the radio receiver in the garage must hold the best range for “catching” the signal. With time and use batteries lose as the batteries lose their charge, the remote as a consequence also begins to lose the strength to transmit at its full capacity.

Most likely, the issue can be resolved by just trying to replace the batteries and then trying again with them. However, if the issue still persists then you may need to replace the batteries all in all. New batteries should be similar to the batteries previously used. Mostly round watch-style batteries or standard 9-volt batteries are used in these remotes.

Replace the Remote Control:

You need a new Liftmaster remote control , if the steps mentioned above did not work out for you. The frequency and the model number are mentioned on the back of the remote control, try to locate them. The frequency is usually between 280 and 433 and can be recognized by the letters “MHz” following the number. The replacement remote MUST have to be of the same frequency as the original remote.

Next, try that new Liftmaster 3 button remote control. If that remote doesn’t work either, the problem might be related to some other cause. In that case please refer to your local certified garage door service company. They should be able to identify the glitch by checking the possible radio interference and circuit boards.