Best Exhaust Systems for Overlanding

Overlanding has been around almost as long as motorized vehicles but has recently become more mainstream. The combination of exciting off-road riding and camping provides the total outdoor experience. Modifying your vehicle is practically a must, but how do you know which are the best Toyota 4 Runner exhaust systems? Here are a few considerations for overlanding as well as superior options for improving your machine:

Overland Concerns

Between the off-road stresses and possible long-term timeline, not every part is suitable for overlanding. A few considerations can make the difference between completing your trip and wandering around looking for cell phone signal.

Stainless steel construction is non-negotiable for serious travelers. Even coatings are going to get worn down by sand, rocks, and other debris. What’s the point of a performance exhaust system if it’s leaking?

Next consider what kind of terrain you’ll traverse and what hazards you might encounter. If you’re new to off-roading, understand that the ground is rarely flat. Just like you may need specific Nissan Titan XD mods, you generally need a specialized exhaust.

Off-Road Exhausts

This is a no-brainer for the jeeper crowd. Even if you’re not technically rock crawling, you want an exhaust system that won’t be banged up by obstacles. By bending the pipe out of the way, you reduce the chance of hang ups and broken parts.

As with most aftermarket designs, you also enjoy the benefits of a performance exhaust. A cat-back system removes more spent gases than the stock setup for more power and fuel efficiency. The simple installation means that you can get it done yourself with basic DIY knowledge and a decent set of tools.

Street Exhausts

Using a street exhaust system may not seem right for overlanding, but there is actually much to recommend this style for certain vehicles. Many of these sub-models feature mandrel bends that not only increase horsepower but keep your pipes out of harm’s way.

Just like the off-road style, the street exhaust offers a straightforward install that’s doable for most at-home mechanics. This is an excellent way to save on the labor costs of taking it to custom truck shop.

Straight Through Mufflers

If you’re looking for a cheap way to improve fuel economy and horsepower for an overland machine, this is it. A simple swap is all you need to exchange your stock unit for the best straight through muffler. By allowing spent gases to travel through your muffler more easily, this component gets more oxygen to your combustion chambers.

The main downside to this part is that it can actual require a more intricate installation than larger replacements. Depending on your vehicle and exhaust system, it might require cutting and welding that’s unnecessary for cat-back designs.

Once you understand your needs, you can find the components that work the best for you. Shopping on the internet is exceptional resource for overlanding. Not only can you find a wider range of equipment, it’s less expensive and can be delivered directly to you. Find the right online store so you can find the right overland exhaust system.