Freelance Work Which You Could Find Online


Working online is something which thousands of people around the world would love to do, yet there is a myth surrounding this kind of work that one would require highly technical skills in order to do so. I can attest that this is not always the case and ever since my good friend Abhishek Gattani showed me the many ways in which I could make money online, I have never looked back. Naturally having a certain skill set can help you to work online, but it is by no means a prerequisite and just about anyone can find some kind of freelance work online which they can do in the comfort of their own home, whenever it suits them.

Regardless of whether you are looking to work online full time, or solely to make some money on the side, here are the ways in which you can use the internet to make some cash.

Email Handling

Many individuals and businesses want someone who can do secretarial work such as handling emails. This is the perfect introduction to working online thanks to its simplicity and as long as you are organized and punctual, you could earn some great money through the handling of someone’s email.

Web Design

If you have some skills in terms of graphic design and how to design websites, you can make a great living doing this every day. More an more businesses and individuals are starting their own websites and whilst templates do exist, most people want something which is tailored to them and their needs. Make sure that you are doing something unique and putting your own mark on these websites in order to get more custom.


Writing is one of the most common jobs online and there is an incredible amount of job opportunities for anyone who wants to write. Writing jobs could entail press releases, short 500 word magazine-style articles or even something a little bit meatier such as writing an ebook based on someone’s requirements. The key to being a great writer is not only that you have an attractive style, but also that you can meet the client’s demands, and ensure that it is completely error free.


Teaching online is also a hugely popular way that people can earn money using the skills that they have to help others. If you have a particular gift or skill whether it be in English literature, Japanese, History and anything in between, you can use the internet to teach people across platforms such as Skype. There are many companies who offer online tutoring and you could work with them, alternatively you can seek out students on your own and help them with whatever they should need.

There are so many options to earn online, this is not only a world for those who know about computers and in fact most skills in the real world, can easily be converted into skills which can be sure to make money online.