Four Essential Tech Investments for Businesses Both Big and Small

Is it a bit dramatic to say that businesses are living and dying based on their tech?

Perhaps not.

After all, consider how reliant we are as a society on our smartphone and the concept of connectivity. We live in a global economy that’s “on” 24/7 thanks to the modern web and mobile devices; meanwhile, a tech savvy society expects more from the businesses that they frequent.

From increasing productivity to boosting your bottom line, your company’s tech investments define your ability to get down to business regardless of what you’re selling. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar shop or operate with primarily digital clients, consider the four essential technical investments and what they could do to transform your company’s potential to perform.

Proven Names Versus Budget Brands

In an era where businesses are looking to cut corners wherever they possibly can, be wary of no-name tech for the sake of your business. After all, your equipment should be built to last for the long haul rather than die on you after a few months. Constantly having to replace equipment is both costly and incredibly inefficient.

From networking solutions such as Juniper MX-series to the likes of Apple and Google for your in-house tech and solutions, it’s oftentimes worth it to pay the initial upfront cost for peace of mind.

Make Moves to Be Mobile-Friendly

Considering the staggering amount of time and money that people spend on their smartphones and tablets today, failing to embrace the mobile revolution will only hurt your bottom line. Whether through responsive design for your mobile and store to sending SMS reminders to your clients and customers, reaching your audience on-the-go should be a top priority.

Step Up Your Automation

While the concept of marketing automation may seem off-putting to some, the fact remains that streamlining your business’ processes is an absolute game-changer in terms of your time and budget. For example, consider the following aspects of your company that can be put on autopilot such as…

  • Email marketing: through autoresponders and drip campaigns, you can keep in constant touch with your base and send them messages around the clock
  • Social media: running your company Facebook or Twitter doesn’t have to be so time-consuming when you schedule your posts in advance and use automation tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to do the legwork for you
  • Lead generation: thanks to big data, companies can actually put lead generation on autopilotthanks to careful monitoring

Invest in Analytics

Speaking of monitoring, keeping track of your business’ performance is arguably easier than ever given the wealth of analytics platforms out there. Just about any marketing platform worth its salt contains built-in analytics; meanwhile, the information gleaned from the free realm Google Analytics can be potentially transformative. Depending on how much you’re selling and scaling, though, you may consider stepping up your data game and paying for more advanced analytics such as implementing heatmapping software.

As tech constantly evolves in the face of consumer trends and expectations, businesses are likewise expected to keep up with the times. If you have these four aspects of your business’ tech investments covered, chances are you’re already ahead of the game.