Fly Fishing Guide and Orvis Clearwater’s Fly Fishing Rod

Although pretty similar to regular fishing, fly fishing has its differences, and understanding them can help you decide whether you want to practice it or not. Also, knowing about the proper equipment to prepare yourself for the journey can make a huge difference, and in this guide, I’m going to help you get prepared for it, as well as understand a little more about this incredible activity.

First of all, knowing more about what fly fishing is can be pretty helpful. As described in this article, fly fishing is all about using a lure known as an artificial fly, as well as trying to catch fish while using a different angling method.

I would describe it as a fishing technique that stays a little far away from the regular techniques used for catching fish. You see, other catching techniques focus on casting the lure, whereas this specific method focuses more on casting the line.

Standard lure weights more than artificial lure, which helps cast the line during the casting. Since an artificial lure, also known as artificial fly, weights way less, you will be using the line’s weight instead, which is heavier and is made from sturdier and more practical materials.

This makes the line more manageable when it comes to casting it, and therefore, gets more benefits from the impulse of the movement and the waves that travel from the casting rod to the fly.

A good way to put it is by using a fishing rod and a line like it like a lasso and throw it towards the water in a way that travels as much distance as possible. Of course, the rod is also different. For beginners wanting to give this activity a try, I’d recommend visiting this page: beginner fly fishing rod review for more helpful information. Researching the right equipment as a beginner is a very important part of fishing since it’ll prepare you for many situations.

The Fly

Something that comes with the experience is creating your own artificial lure. A fly usually tries to imitate food that fish tend to eat and keep as their main target. Different types of flies can appeal more to specific fish, so having many options may come in handy. The most common flies imitate insects, worms, small reptiles, vegetation, and even aquatic creatures.

There are many types of artificial lure you can go for, and patterns to follow. A good way to start is by following online guides or books meant to teach you how to tie a fly by yourself, using materials like fur, feathers, and other stuff found in nature. The size of the fly will depend on the size of the hook, so it’ll camouflage it to make it appealing to the fish.

The reason why many believe that tying your own fly is an important part of the experience is that it is your creation that will certainly decide how well the hunt will go. An attractive and well done artificial lure will make the fishing go way smoother, and if you do it by yourself, it’ll create a sense of accomplishment. If it doesn’t, you’ll learn from the experience and create a better lure next time.

The Gearing

There’s a lot of gear you’ll have to get to fully prepare yourself for the experience. Along with the rod, the reel, the line, and the bait or lures, you want to have other stuff that is as important.

A good example is a nice tackle box to your hooks, bait, lures, scissors, and other stuff that you may want to carry around during a trip. I would recommend going for a waterproof tackle box with as much space as you may need.

A first-aid kit is also very important because no one knows when an accident may happen. If you have one of these, you will be even more prepared for any situation that may arise.

For more information about what you may need, you should visit

I would recommend you to research prices and brands and look out for which ones are the best and most worth its price.

As a beginner, investing in gear might come out as really expensive, so you can always rent some of the gear while you buy them yourself, which is something that many newcomers do. 

Last Words

This activity can be something that soothes the mind, body, and soul, but only if it is done properly.

For newcomers, fly fishing might something hard to try at first, so I’d recommend going for regular fishing first, get accustomed to it, then try it out once you are prepared.

As a personal opinion, it is something that everyone should try at least once. It is scientifically proven that it makes you healthier and happier after all. The benefits you can get from it are almost limitless, and it can be something that changes your life.