Five Ways to Minimise Workday Chores

The workday is long for many, and everyone wants to figure out new ways to increase productivity and shorten the tasks that we all have to get done. Everyone is trying to accomplish more at work, but with less and less time to get the tasks finished. Technology is advancing faster than ever and there is more pressure to get things done quickly and efficiently. There is also pressure on employees to increase their work days. But with no way to increase the number of hours in a day, and with overscheduling hindering our productivity, it is key for employees of the modern world to maximise efficiency by minimising the number of chores you perform in a day.

Set Project Expectations

Starting a project can be tough, especially when you are not sure how to begin. It is helpful when you have a deadline, but you will still need to know what to do to first. It is important to set project expectations when you are just beginning and do your best to understand how much you can get done in one day.

This will help you determine what you should wait on and what you should get done right away. By setting accurate expectations and realistic goals, you will be able to avoid spending time on things that will end up taking too long to accomplish and you will be enabled to focus on the appropriate tasks for the day.

Schedule your Days

Another way to maximise your work day is schedule your day-to-day. Along with setting your expectations for projects and specific days, you should schedule your days carefully, with the knowledge of when it is best to perform certain tasks. For example, you should utilize technology to schedule things. One of the many apps that will help you is something that with meeting room booking to schedule meetings. With the right tools, you will be able to schedule meetings and plan your days. This will help you maximise your time and plan according to your project schedules and needs. Scheduling not only minimises the time you will spend on specific tasks, it will help you eliminate chores that you don’t need to do until tomorrow or the next day.

Get Organized

Staying organized in general is key. It will help you increase productivity, facilitate persistence, and help you focus. A recent study has shown that people who are unorganized, having messy desks for example, are less efficient, persistent, and more frustrated. Keep you physical space clear and your mind will be clear. You will be surprised at how it will help you determine what you should do next. Your life will have a more defined trajectory. If you enable yourself to navigate your surroundings and access what you need. Tidying up really will make a difference in your productivity. Your mind will be open to where you should work on a task later.

Eliminate Busy Work

One thing that you can do to decrease your workday productivity and cut down on tasks in your workday. Busy work has little payoff and harms your efficiency in the end. One thing you can do is wait to check your e-mails at a specific time. Make phone calls one after another. As workers of the modern world, we have been trained that an eight or more hour workday is necessary to get the job done. Some companies see it as a necessary evil that creates valuable employees.

But filling up time entails filling up your day with busy tasks. Studies show that you can’t go into deep concentration when you are distracted by emails, phone calls, and useless busy work. When you are working on something you really need to concentrate on, you should dive into it for a while, away from distractions. This will yield better results. Eliminating busy work will get rid of tasks that you don’t need to do and increase your overall productivity.

You don’t need to overload your schedule to be productive. The likelihood is that if you choose certain tasks to do in a particular day, you will be able to lessen the time you spend at your desk and increase the time you spent getting things done. Efficiency doesn’t mean you have to fill up your day with useless tasks. Cut down on busy work, get organized, and use technology to schedule your day-to-day.