Finding The Truth About Backpagely And Being Careful

It can be too easy to fall into the trap of being vulnerable, ‘getting sucked in’ as it were, or being taken advantage of. We can feel lonely at times, desperate if our ‘dry spell’ goes on for too long and this leads us into making rash and rushed decisions which we later end up regretting.

So why is the world still filled with creeps and people looking to take us for a ride, unfortunately, this is the sick, sad world we live in and why we need to be aware and vigilant when it comes to dating, being in relationships, and even more so if those are formulated online.

Too many times fraudulent profiles are created on dating sites in the hopes of luring in unsuspecting ‘victims’ and convincing them to make payments or wire transfers with the promise of helping someone in need. Someone with a big heart or looking to merely help a person in trouble can easily fall prey to these false claims and end up in financial strain.

For an interesting read check out this blog and see what others have to say about the safety aspect of online dating and how they have found the experience to be, some good and some bad but seeing both sides of the coin is always a good way to see the different situations that could occur.

It is always best to take comments and advice with a pinch of salt if you are using an online dating platform and something doesn’t feel right you will get a feeling in your gut, go with it, more often than not that feeling is for good reason and usually steers you clear of danger or a bad outcome.

Why people use dating platforms.

Why do we do anything in life? We are lonely, we want to feel complete with someone, a person to fill the void you’re feeling, and to take care of you when you need it most. We go in search of that one person that tends to tick all the boxes we feel will make us happy, that says the right things at the appropriate times, and makes us feel whole.

They may just have come out of a long-term relationship and simply to feed ‘the urge’ they go on the web in search of a ‘sure thing’ as it were, and a guarantee of finding someone with the same interests in mind. No strings attached and available almost immediately.

Career orientated people who don’t have the time to form, build on, or create meaningful relationships use these platforms to fill that section in their lives which are best suited around their schedules, and for most this works like a dream.

See this interesting article on the opinions of using a dating site and how people see it through the eyes of generational demographics.

Introverts or really shy people may find it difficult to go into the world and simply strike up a conversation with a stranger in the hopes of getting to know them better, thus the safety aspect of being online in the comfort of their own space without being too vulnerable till they feel comfortable is a huge appeal. No matter the reason, safety should be the main objective.

Features to look out for on a dodgy website.

There are oh so many sites to choose from, some legitimate, others looking to take any or all of your hard-earned cash, and then those who immediately feel eerie when you stumble across them. You didn’t search for it and you aren’t sure how you came across it, you may even think it found you which is even more concerning, am I right?

For help and awareness on what some platforms offer but aren’t all that they seem to be, check out for a brief insight of what to look out for and how best to navigate the web. It can be a daunting place the ‘dark web,’ getting sucked in will only lead to bad outcomes.

Websites with no proper contact information or customer service section to get in touch if something seems off should raise a red flag, and in my opinion, I’d steer clear and move on.