If you’re in the market for a used camper trailer, there are a few things that you’ll want to keep an eye out for – some may be considered features, and some may not. Continue reading to learn more about what you should look for when shopping for camper trailers in Australia.


When inspecting a camper trailer for sale, first and foremost you should make sure it has a suitable bed. Beds are generally always better for sleeping in than sleeping bags, but as a buyer you should be aware that some beds in cheaper camper trailers can be thin and uncomfortable. It may be worth budgeting just a little extra on top of your purchase to upgrade the mattress to something more like an actual bed. You should also make sure the bed is large enough to accommodate you and/or your partner.


Another very important consideration when perusing camper trailers for sale is the on-board amenities that the camper trailer features. A sink is handy for rinsing dishes, having water on hand for cooking, and for making a morning cup of tea. If the camper trailers for sale you’re looking at feature a toilet, that’s a real added bonus. Amenities such as a toilet are a very handy thing to have, especially when travelling in areas far from bathroom amenities.


It goes without saying that safety features are a big consideration when looking at camper trailers for sale. A good camper trailer will always feature a fire extinguisher – especially if a kitchen area is included. Another safety feature to keep an eye out for when searching for camper trailers for sale is a set of electric brakes, particularly if the camper trailer you’re looking at is a heavy model. Last but not least, you should look for some form of circuit breaker or fused power supply. Cheaper camper trailers for sale can often feature DIY modifications, so make sure everything is tagged and tested.


The best camper trailer for sale on the market will be no good to you if it doesn’t feature durable construction. Camper trailers for sale in the off-road category typically feature a higher level of durability to help them survive the many bumps you’ll encounter on your journeys. Durability should be high on the list when considering camper trailers for sale.


Camper trailers for sale often come with a great deal of other features that offer the buyer a lot more bang for their buck. A great example of an additional feature to look out for is a camper trailer that comes with an excellent external entertainment area. These offer considerably more space, making them perfect for parties that need to accommodate more than a few couples. If the camper trailer for sale you’ve found has an entertainment area, all you’ll need to do is bring the chairs and a few cold drinks!