Fashion that Stands Out

Finding a way to become and stay visible in the fiercely competitive world of fashion is challenging. There are myriad designers, companies, and influences that control the way in which fashion is perceived, valued, and commercialized. If you are looking to get a foothold in this industry, you will need to find a way to present your designs, your fashion vision, and your company goals in a way that both adapt to the fluid marketplace while at the same time maintain a guiding vision for your brand. One of the premier methods to achieve this is to package your vision in a visual presentation.

Competing Images

All fashion relies on the image. High-gloss, forward-thinking design companies use sparkling, bold imagery to present designs to the eager buyers of the world. Since this is the case, you will first need to understand how your fashion designs and company fit into the current fashion landscape. It will be impossible to find attention if you cannot articulate where your company fits into the current story of fashion. Investigate current trends and campaigns but also become a student of fashion history. The way the industry has fluctuated, innovated, changed, and repeated itself are significant indicators of where you might be most successful. Pay close attention to the imagery used by various companies throughout fashion history.

Choose a Lane

You will need to decide on a particular category. You may be interested in high fashion, aiming for inclusion and acceptance in the premier fashion publications and fashion houses. You may also be interested in becoming a household, affordable brand that can be mass-produced for the everyday consumer. You may have a more unique, specific niche with a particular potential customer base. In any case, you need to be able to clearly articulate and demonstrate, your position in this world. Once established, you can stand out by understanding how your competitors use their images and fashion aesthetic to market, inspire, and commercialize their business.

Demonstrate Your Uniqueness

The only way to be compelling is to effectively tell the story, visually, of your unique approach. This means using imagery to emphasize that particular uniqueness. Perhaps you have innovated a new way to mix business professional and casual, aiming to attract the middle-class population with some disposable income. You need to show, visually, how your particular line of fashion translates to both of these worlds. You will also need to demonstrate where your fashion deviates from the current hybrid lines, and why your approach is better. There are a number of ways to do this visually, and a photo book as marketing materials can help you.

Use Templates to get Inspiration

Use some of the photo book templates to learn about possible aesthetic approaches. You need not use an existing template, but you can certainly find ideas on which to build your own unique marketing flavor. You may want to focus on a particular gender, perhaps. Or maybe you want to focus on a particular lifestyle that aligns well with your brand. In any case, using visual imagery to convey your market fit, your expertise, and most importantly, your aesthetic brand can be crucial to your success.