Experience the Power of Meditation Online with Glo

Imagine a world where everyone is their best selves. A world of peace, beauty, and harmony where the mind is free to embrace nature, absorb knowledge, and cultivate self-discovery. This is the vision of Glo, operators of a website that offers yoga, Pilates, and meditation online. Glo isn’t just a company with a website–it’s a catalyst for a better, more wholesome you.

What Glo Has to Offer

For $18 per month, Glo offers unlimited access to courses in yoga, Pilates, and meditation online. These guided courses range from beginner to advanced levels and are led by experts in their respective fields. These courses aid you in experiencing a total mind, body, and energy transformation while building your core strength and other muscles.

The meditation courses that Glo offers are extremely popular. With at least a dozen courses in meditation online, it’s easy to find several that match your needs and schedule. A great example of a meditation course is the Before Class course. This is a ten-minute program that can help put your children in a great state of mind before they head off to school. It’s a great way for the whole family to spend a few minutes of quality time together. The course is taught by Jo Tastula who has over twenty years of experience in the field of healing arts and Vinyasa Flow.

Another course called Cultivating Self-Love is about self-acceptance. This calming, soothing course is only five minutes long and is a great way to put a positive spin on your day. It helps you to love yourself fully, be happy about yourself and your life, and to keep your emotions cool, calm, and collected. Taught by Elena Brower, author of Art of Attention, this course could be the most motivational five minutes of your day.

Glo also offers instructional courses on teaching. Whether you’re new to teaching yoga, Pilates, or mediation, Glo’s instructional teaching courses can help you discover new ways to connect with and help your students. These courses require an additional cost besides the monthly membership fee, however they are still affordable and are packed full of useful information and techniques.

Get Involved with Glo

It’s easy to become a member of Glo. In fact, Glo is so confident in their program that they offer a 15-day free trial to start. This free trial gives you access to the full database of courses that Glo has to offer. With hundreds of courses to choose from, you’ll be busy trying to experience as much as you can during your free trial.

After your 15-day free trial, the monthly cost of Glo is only $18, less than the cost of a tank of gas. This small monthly membership fee gives you continued, unlimited access to Glo’s courses so you can continue to take the journey of self-improvement and self-discovery as often as you’d like. You’ll also be able to download these courses to any device so you can participate in Glo’s courses anywhere. This means that there are no boundaries to the self-discovery and self-healing of taking courses in yoga, Pilates, and meditation online.