Enterprise Security: Benefits of Hiring A Professional Cyber Security Firm

Given the astronomical number of data leaks in recent times, global enterprises must exercise the highest security levels to prevent company data exploitation. Failure to do so will end with catastrophic consequences.

In response, governments worldwide are passing regulations and policies to limit the possibility of breaches. Despite this, the responsibility of securing your data solely lies with you.

Selecting a certified enterprise security firm, such as Sonrai Security, will significantly improve your level of preparedness for any kind of a data breach attempt.


It seems like a day doesn’t pass without hearing news about a data breach. These activities are becoming more and more widespread.

In 2019 alone, there were approximately 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches. Incredibly, this resulted in the compromise of nearly 4.1 billion records.

Data is the new gold, and your internal IT executives may not be sufficient to keep yours secure. The attacks keep increasing in lethality and complexity, requiring a dedicated cybersecurity expert.

You may opt to cut corners and go with the DIY alternative, which will save you money- at least in the short term.

But, this decision could one day come back to bite you. There are tons of benefits linked to recruiting enterprise security firms, making them an investment that will pay itself off with time. They include:

  • Advance Security

A lot goes into securing a businesses’ data. It’s a round the clock job. Professional cybersecurity providers specialize in providing businesses with all forms of protection from cyber-attacks.

By hiring one, you can rest assured malware, trojan horses, and hackers are kept at bay throughout.

  • Compliance

Thanks to massive data breaches and the media’s sensitization of such events, governments have started introducing legislation and fines for non-compliance. A great example is the European Union agreeing with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

A reputable cybersecurity firm could help you formulate policies that will keep you in good books with the government. Additionally, they will help you in implementing these policies, thereby shielding you from any legal woes.

  • Skill Shortage

Most firms are waking up to the reality that their in-house teams are not well equipped to handle modern threats. Retaining the services of a professional cybersecurity firm comes with immense experience and expertise.

Additionally, this means you don’t have to recruit and retain a fully experienced and qualified team. Therefore, you effectively cut down on payroll costs.

  • Hands-on Training

According to statistics, most security breaches occur as a result of user error. If your team doesn’t receive regular updates and training on securing your data, they could unknowingly become complacent in any future breaches.

  • System Weakness

Hackers are continually improving the complexity of their attacks. In some instances, a potential threat could be right in front of you without picking up on it.

When you hire a professional cybersecurity agent, the first thing they do is look at your system to identify potential points of weakness. They are also in the best position to recommend the necessary solutions.

It’s now more critical than ever before for businesses to seek professional assistance with securing their data. It’s better to be prepared than ignorant when it comes to data security.