Don’t Let Your Kids Go Without Any Longer

Fighting for the custody of your child is one of them most difficult things you have to face as a parent, but just because you’ve won custody doesn’t mean the battle is over. Many single parents face challenges when their ex or the non-custodial parent (NCP) doesn’t pay critical child support. Unpaid child support is a massive problem plaguing single parents and their children today, which is why so many private enforcement agencies have started to offer alternative ways to get the money they need. If your state department has let you down, it’s time to find one of these agencies.

Recent studies show that $32.9 billion dollars in child support was owed in 2013, and less than 70% of it was paid. That means over 30% of custodial parents like you didn’t receive the money the courts declared was theirs. Meanwhile, roughly 45% of custodial parents receive the full amount that’s due, as many NCP only make partial payments. These statistics paint a very disheartening picture of your situation.

Private child support agencies were designed specifically to solve these issues. Many of them, like Support Collectors, were founded by single parents just like you. They were tired of NCPs and state-funded departments letting them down, so they created an efficient team of professionals who dedicate their complete focus on finding uncooperative NCPs and obtaining payments from them successfully. A team like the one at Support Collectors include:

  • Government operations specialists that ensure all of the proper documentation is obtained
  • Investigation specialists that use a high tech and high touch ways to locate the NCP, using all in-person and online resources at their disposal
  • Enforcement specialists that negotiate with NCPS in order to obtain payments

The three branches of the typical agency work together to increase the chances of their success. While they work hard to locate your NCP, they also make sure you understand your full rights as the custodial parent. They share essential resources for child support collection that provide information on child support, co-parenting, custody and divorce issues, and targeted assistance for single mothers and fathers.

While knowing that private child support agencies exist may offer relief to parents, it is important to know that not all agencies are equal. Prior to committing to a child support agency custodial parents must do their research to ensure they are choosing a reputable agency with history and a great reputation. Once you get a feel for their practices, you’ll know whether or not you can trust them with your family. The right agency can provide the alternative you need when state-funded departments amount to nothing.