DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning 10 Ways

Contrary to what you might think as an aircon unit owner, there are a variety of ways that you can clean your home air conditioning unit yourself without the help of a company like Alpha & Omega Air Conditioning Sutherland Shire. Whether it be cleaning the aircon unit fins, filter, external housing, or even cleaning the area around the outside of the unit, you don’t need to be an expert aircon technician to do these things yourself. If should be noted, however, that if you think that there is a more complicated problem with your aircon unit, then be sure to consult with an Air conditioning Mandurah expert before attempting to fix or service the aircon unit yourself. There are a number of ways that you can become injured while following a DIY aircon servicing tip, so always be sure to make your personal safety the number one priority. When in doubt, never risk injury, instead contact a certified professional to fix your aircon unit for you.

These days aircon units can run on clean energy, so they are much more popular than they have ever before prior. The homeowner no longer has to worry about huge energy bills. You can even run your aircon unit off of your home solar power grid, just like you can with SunElec Tesla Power Walls. Don’t shy away from purchasing a home aircon unit, as they just are not as costly to own as they were in decades prior.

DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning 10 Ways

  1. Cleaning The Surrounding Area 

It is very important to keep the area surrounding your aircon unit clean and free of any debris. A windstorm could blow fallen tree limbs, excess dirt, leaves, and other debris straight into your aircon unit. To protect your air conditioning unit from becoming damaged by surrounding debris, always be sure to rake, sweep, and meticulously maintain the area directly surrounding your aircon unit. This will greatly reduce the chances of it becoming damaged.

  1. Keep The Evaporator Coil Clean 

Homeowners can safely and quickly maintain their own evaporator coil. What you do is you identify where the evaporator coil door is. Next, completely power off your aircon unit. You can then open the door and carefully clean the coil with a small brush. You can buy spray cans of evaporator coil cleaner and then spray the formula straight onto the coil while scrubbing away on it.

  1. Keep Your Evaporator Drain Clean 

Every now and then your evaporator drain can become clogged with dirt, grime, and debris. For DIY maintenance on your evaporator drain, simply locate the drain pipe by referring to your aircon unit’s owner’s manual. Next, completely power off your aircon unit in order to avoid any chance of electrocution. Next, disconnect the evaporator drain pipe from the larger unit. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner hose, suck out any debris from inside of the drain pipe.

  1. Swap Out The Blower Filter 

Despite what you might have been told, you will need to change your air conditioning unit blower filter at least twice a year. Not changing the filter will negatively affect how efficient your entire aircon is. Refer to the owner’s manual of your aircon unit to locate where the blower filters are. Completely power off the unit, then open the filter compartment. Swap out the filter per the instructions on the aircon manual.

  1. Clean Your Aircon Louvres 

If you own a wall mounted aircon unit, then be sure to clean the louvres from time to time. If you are unfamiliar with what a louvre is, it is the small moving flap that directs the airflow from your aircon unit. First, power off your machine completely. Next, using a dry rag you can clean off any soot, dirt, or grime that has appeared on the louvre flap.

  1. Clean The Aircon Unit Housing 

Using a vacuum cleaner and a simple dry rag you can very easily clean the outside of your aircon unit housing. Similar to any other DIY aircon cleaning job, completely shut off all of the power running to the aircon unit. Next, vacuum away any loose dirt, grass, dried leaves, or other debris that has fallen on to the unit’s housing. Lastly, use a dry rag to wipe away any dirt, grease, soot, or dust from the housing.

  1. Clean Your Condenser Coils

Using the owner’s manual for your unique aircon unit, locate where the condenser coils are. Next, completely shut off all power running to your aircon unit. Moving along, open the compartment where the condenser coils are located. You can then spray the coils with a special condenser coil spray cleaner. It should be noted that in some cases you could void the warranty on your unit by cleaning the condenser coils yourself.

  1. Comb Your Cooling Fins 

Thankfully, you can buy air conditioning unit fin combs for an affordable amount. These combs will help you straighten out any aircon unit fins that have become bent. Be sure to wear thick work gloves when carrying out this task as you can easily cut your fingers or hand on the sharp metal fins. Run the comb across the fins in a straight line to ensure that they return to a normal state.

  1. Use Foam Cleaner on Your Fins 

You can buy a special aircon unit fin foam cleaner from any local hardware and appliance store. You will also need a sturdy cleaning brush. First, disconnect the aircon unit from its power source. Next, spray the foam cleaner on the metal fin surface. Wait for the foam to set for 5 minutes. Lastly, take your small cleaning brush and brush away any dirt and grime that has collected on the metal fins.

  1. Keep Your Fan Motor Clean

The aircon unit fan motor will often collect lots of dust and dirt over a short period of time. Once a year you should power down your aircon unit completely and then wipe or vacuum away any dirt, dust, or grime that has accumulated on and around the cooling fan motor.