Different Types of Custom-Made Necklaces

You can express your individuality through a custom-made necklace. Since you will decide on how the necklace looks, you can show your uniqueness and personal identifier with it. Many jewelers now offer their customers the opportunity to design their own jewelry. It is an efficient method to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product.

One style that is making a comeback is the retro name necklace. If you can still recall, the character of Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV series, Sex and the City used to wear a name necklace. Since the series will have new episodes this year, for sure the name necklace will once again be in demand.

What is a name necklace?

A name necklace often depicts the name of the owner of the necklace. It is beautifully crafted and presented on a necklace. A real gold name necklace is one of the most popular, which is custom-made and typically available in different finishes, sizes, shapes, and embellishments.

When you want a name necklace, it is important to know the available styles.

The name part of the necklace design can either be horizontal or vertical. The differences lay in the creative presentation, cut, engraving, finish, and other decorations.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying or ordering a gold name necklace.

Signature font. The jeweler usually offers different fonts for the name necklace. You can have big and solid fonts, dainty and cursive scripts, or a combination of modern fonts. Choose the font that fits the personality of the wearer.

Bar name necklace. The style offers variety. You can have an open rectangular bar with the name cut out on the bar’s interior. You can also opt to have the name engraved on the face of the metal plate. The presentation can be horizontal or vertical.

Name tag necklace. This style is presented using a rectangular pendant in a vertical orientation. Often, the name is cut out on the rectangle’s interior. A bail at the pendant’s top slides on the necklace.

Couples’ names necklace. You can order a name necklace with your name and the name of your partner. They are often presented in the infinity style or as a two-bar pendant style. You can either have the bars attached to the necklace or have them with a bail on top so that the pendant moves along the necklace.

Initial name necklace. This type of name necklace is usually in the form of a pendant but you still have the option to have two small bars when the initial is cut out. Many jewelers offer the option to have either a single initial or up to three initials in this style. You can choose a hanging letter, a dog tag style initial, or a monogrammed square or circle. It is an understated way to display your name or the names of the persons you love.

Several options are available for a custom-made name necklace. You can include the names of your family members (up to six), according to many jewelers, and even add stones or other embellishments.