Different foods to try when visiting the following tourist hubs

Trying out different traditional foods when travelling in different cities and places is one of the best features of your trip. The pleasure of trying out different food items along with travelling has no parallel. People dream of travelling to their favourite places and trying out different delicacies in front of famous landmarks such as eating breakfast with Eiffel Tower in the background or having a kebab in front of pyramids. Even the regular food item tastes better in such an environment.

Food and travel – The perfect combination to make you happy

Travelling helps you to reach out to new destinations, and to enhance your experience further, you can try the local foods to touch traditions and culture. The local foods and dishes are made with respect to the altitude, environment and nature of a specific place, so eating them instead of regular food items is better for health as well. Being a foodies is a passion of many travellers, so when they are exposed to a new culture, it is one of the happiest moment in their lives. They get an exclusive chance to mingle with the locals with the help of trying their local delights. Trying new food items brings you closer to the local society, and it creates bonds that are unbreakable with new people.

In this article, we are going to discuss different foods to try when you are visiting a certain place. These places are not new for travellers. Some of them are the leading tourist destinations in the world, and others have undeniable potential to become a major tourist attraction in the upcoming years. So read this article, and learn about amazing cuisines to try when visiting these places.

Foods to try when visiting these cities

Bangkok – Thailand

Dishes and cuisines in Bangkok are known all over the globe for their exceptional taste. Even the small stalls on the roadside are known for their exuberant delicacies. You can find a lot of food items including sweets, drinks, and bakery items. Their smell can lure you from anywhere in the city and if you are just passing by, it will become irresistible until and unless you stop to taste them. The Chinatown in this city of Thailand is also known all over the world for its amazing cuisines. So do eat your tummy out when visiting the capital of Thailand and make every moment count.

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Copenhagen – Denmark

The city of Spires has some of the best restaurants in the world, and people go there just to eat at all the big names in the food industry. Noma, Geranium, The Olive Kitchen and Bar, and etcetera are some of the best in the world. Finding reservation can be a pain in any of these restaurants as they are overbooked almost every day. So you have to try your luck in advance to visit. However, the street food scene is still on in this super expensive and standard city. Copenhagen is known for its desserts and sweets, so do try them.

Tokyo – Japan

The capital of Japan is known for so many reasons and receives millions of tourists each year. But amongst every other reason, food leads all the way. Tokyo has the highest quantity of Michelin restaurants. This superiority among other Asian cities makes it one of the most subtle places in the world. Its food items are known and eaten all over Asia, Europe, and the Americas. This year, Tokyo has hosted some amazing food festivals, so if you have not yet visited, hurry up and enjoy your Tokyo delight.

Durban – South Africa

Durban is a city in South Africa, but it is full of immigrants from the Asian Subcontinent. This is the reason why there is so much variety in taste in the local food items. When pooled with local African dishes, the food becomes so startling and tasty that people inclined to try it again and again. Durban also has ideal weather all year, which makes it a perfect place to enjoy your food.

Karachi – Pakistan

Karachi is a multi-cultural city. Also known as the city of lights, Karachi has every food item a foodie can crave to eat. From the famous biryani to the Chappali kebab and delicious pizza, you can find anything in every corner of this city. This city is full of food streets and you can almost find a food bazaar within a radius of 2 or 3 kilometres.

Mexico City – Mexico

The capital of Mexico and the capital of tacos is one of the best places on Earth for a foodie to visit. Even the smallest taco stands on the roadside in this city have the best tortillas and grilled meats. Mexico City has a lot of other food items as well for you to eat. So enjoy your time in this beautiful city and make the most of your time here.

Rome – Italy

The capital of Italy and one of the most important cities in the history of this world has blessed us with pizza, pasta and other amazing dishes. There are different restaurants as well as street-side stalls from where you can buy Italian delicacies. You can also find amazing desserts and sweets. Rome is a perfect place for food tourism and it has a long history to prove it. So make it your next destination and enjoy every second you spend here with amazing cuisines and sweets.

Stockholm – Sweden

Stockholm has some of the top-rated eating joints in Europe with names such as Gastrologik, Mathias Dahlgren, Lilla Ego, and etcetera. This city is known for its custom meatballs. Reindeer is also a very delicate dish along with Surstromming and fermented Baltic Sea herring. Try all the amazing things to eat in this place, and enjoy a great time in Venice of the North.

Beirut – Lebanon

Beirut is home to some of the most amazing food dishes in the Middle East. Some of the cuisines have swayed in the other parts of the world, but no one can change the fact that they have originated from the Arab countries. You can eat such dishes in the capital of Lebanon. This city is famous for its Shawarma, Falafel, Hummus, and other amazing food items.

Sydney – Australia

Sydney is one of the most visited cities on Earth. Each year, millions of people visit this multi-cultural Australian city to spend some quality time. Sydney is not only famous for its landmarks, but it is also known for amazing food cuisines as well. Try a desi curry, or traditional Chinese, or Far Eastern dish at any Sydney restaurant.