Different Boxing Styles

Source: Unsplash | Johann Walter Bantz

Boxing is a sport that is loved by many. Though it is ironic how we find to get so much joy in other peoples pain. Anyways, that snot we are talking about today as we are focused on the how they box part. To us, the viewers, we see them throwing punch after punch and that is enough to satisfy us. However, there are different styles and techniques of boxing that we will look at below.

Boxing Styles

Generally there are four different styles of boxing. Namely these are the Swarmer, Out Boxer, Slugger, and the Boxer-puncher,did you know you can place your bet at online sports betting casino. We look at these in detail below. And as we go through them, we are sure that you will be able to detect the styles that you favorite boxer uses.


Like a swarm, this type of boxer attempts to overwhelm his opponent his opponent by constantly applying pressure. This will take away their opponents spacing and timing. Swarmer’s are boxing who tend to have a very good bob and weave. They also have good power, a good chin, and a great punch output.


This boxer is one who is the opposite of a swarmer. The out-boxer is one who literally loves their love space while boxing, they are however very fast and have longer range punches. Out-boxers are known to be very fast on their feet. This in most cases makes up for the lack of power.


Sluggers are boxers who are very brutal. They lack the elegance that comes with the sport but make up for it by having raw power. These are boxers who are known to knock opponents` out just in one punch. It like winning  online casinos in sa slots with just one spin of the reels.


The boxer-puncher is the boxer who has a little bit of everything that has been mentioned above. Talk of raw power, speed, and fitness and of the like. In most cases, they can copy the style of boxing that you are using and use it against you. Boxer-punchers are known to be very resilient.