Launches Essay Writing Tools

We know that writing essays can be a stressful task. It is particularly the case if your entire grade depends on it. Fortunately, the internet has made it possible to simplify the work of writing essays by providing free-to-use tools that will help you fine-tune your essay. is an essay writing service, meaning you can hire professional writers to work on your essay for you. However, despite the fact that they offer writing services, they are also on the verge of launching new essay writing tools to help you hone in on that perfect piece.

Below we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the tools they have available.

Plagiarism Checker

One of the issues with writing essays that many students face is plagiarism. How much of a source can you cite without being accused of plagiarizing content? Fortunately for you, has you covered. Their free to use plagiarism checker will go through your entire essay and point out which areas might be considered plagiarized content.

They have this free tool available for their clients as well so that they can check whether the document that they received from their writer is 100% original. However, this tool is available for anyone to use, meaning even if you don’t use their services you can use this tool to check your work.

As we know, one of the major capital sins of academia is plagiarism. People have expelled for plagiarism and in some cases, even sued. It is because when you plagiarize you’re actually ‘stealing intellectual property’ and that is a Federal Offense in the US. In fact, have you ever seen those copyright ads before a movie? You’ll notice that the fine is upwards of $20,000 and some jail time.

If you’re caught profiting from your plagiarized work, similar fees can apply to you. Thus, having a tool like a free-plagiarism checker is essential, especially if you’re thinking of making a profit from your essay.

Bibliography Generator

Probably one of the most hated aspects of writing an essay is doing the bibliography. After you spent a lot of time writing, researching, checking, double checking, editing and rewriting you don’t want to create a list.

However, the biggest problem is that most essays require that you provide a bibliography. For anyone who has ever created indexes, you know that this can take as much time as writing the article by itself.

Fortunately, has got you covered. Their online tool is a ‘plug-and-cite’ tool that provides you with fields to fill out and then will automatically generate the proper citation in any format you require. Thus, all you have to do is simply organize your sources as you use them, and just plug it into their web-based tool and then paste the results into a sheet.

A task that could very well take you hours can now be done in minutes ensuring that you have proper citation formats included without fail. It is a crucial tool for students as in many cases bibliographies can take up anywhere between 10%-20% of your grade.

To have an online tool that ensures that the bibliography is top-notch can help boost your overall grade significantly. It is one of the most used tools on

Words to Page Converter

Another tool offers students is the words-to-page converter. In most cases, your teachers will ask for a specific number of pages for your essay. With this tool, you can quickly calculate how many pages you have written by just pasting the document into the online tool.

This tool then will take your words and convert them into a page-count number. Once you know whether you have ‘too much or too little’ content, you can make the adequate changes.

Some might say, “word has this as well” which you’re right…However, the simplicity of the tool is much more efficient than your word processor. Many people don’t know where to find the tools in MS Word, meaning that you’ll waste time looking through the menu options.

With you know exactly where the tool is and it can save you some time. Even 15 minutes of a deadline is valuable, thus being able to save time in the process of doing your essay is essential.

More Tools to Come? is working on providing students and academics with a plethora of instruments. While the current essay writing tools are quite amazing, they have been talking about bringing in new tools such as “Readability checkers,” “grammar checkers,” “thesis generators” and a “vocabulary generator” which will provide you with more linguistically-oriented choices when writing your essay.

For one, we thank for the tools they already provided us, and we’ll be looking out for more from them shortly.