Cruise Ships and their Danger to the Environment

Many people consider cruise ships as movies cities. Yeah, being on a cruise ship might sound fancy and it can get you to experience the best of life.

A cruise ship combines two elements which are providing leisure and also has a health hazard due to pollution. Of all the objects that cause pollution, a cruise can be considered to be one of the worst. The pollution is normally triggered by exhaust fumes not only that, cruise ship operators are guilty of depositing garbage, fuel or sewage directly into the water bodies.

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Air Pollution

It is believed that 10% of air pollution that affects France’s Port City Marseilles is contributed by cruise ships. It is believed that local got to a point of raising a complaint. This has directly posed a threat to health conditions.

Environmental groups and the regional government ended up putting in place tests and issuing fines to the cruise ships operators who were found wanting. It could be quite sad that up to 50 000 Europeans die as a result of pollution caused by cruise ships.There are games that can cause pollution to the environment ,but best online betting Canada is the safest is the safest game, none get hurt

Solutions Vs What Happens on the Ground

There are so many dangerous particulates and carbon emissions produced by cruise ships. These emissions normally have higher levels of nitrogen oxide which causes acid rain. These have caused cancer and many respiratory diseases.

After these problems were picked, the solutions provided were suggestions for cruise ships to resort to more safer fuel alternatives. This is a dream that ought to be achieved by the year 2020, meaning these alternatives must have lower sulphur content. Examples could be of natural gas.

These may, however, be expensive but the current type of fuel is a health hazard to many local people who might be affected directly, Animals too are also in for it. Hence the solutions must be taken to consideration as soon as possible.