Creative Wine Rack Ideas to Compliment Your Home

In one year, American wine drinkers spent over $14 billion on wine!

If you’re one of them and you’ve started amassing a delicious collection of reds and whites, you’re probably looking for ways to show them off.

A wine rack is a great way not only to display your wine for your guests but to keep them organized and stay on top of your stock!

Read on for our favorite wine rack ideas that will elevate your wine-drinking experience.

DIY Wine Rack Ideas

You know we’re huge fans of finding new and creative ways to make money. It’s only natural that we’re lovers of all things DIY, too! Read on for a few wine rack ideas that you can put together on your own.

The Thrifted Wine Rack

Technically, this one isn’t as much of a DIY win rack but instead a repurposed wine rack. The goal is to find a vintage wooden milk crate that still has the metal bottle dividers intact. As it turns out, old milk bottles had a similar circumference to the modern-day bottle of wine!

If you can’t find one with the original metal dividers, you may have to get a little creative. You can string fishing line or wire to create a grid that will keep your bottles separate or use copper piping to create something a little more secure.

Either way, this small wine rack idea will hold about 12 or so bottles–and the vintage crate will look gorgeous on your bar!

The Wine Rack Wall

So, let’s say you’ve got a lot more than just 12 bottles in your collection. We get it!

To create this DIY wine rack wall, you’re going to need several one-foot by four-foot wooden boards and what home supply stores call “newspaper hooks.” These hooks have a longer backside with two holes that fit standard screws. Plus, you’ll need some screws and a screwdriver!

Paint or stain the wooden boards a color that will compliment your decor and the hooks, which tend to come in black, silver, or brass. Secure two newspaper hooks to the board about six inches apart to hold a bottle of wine. Continue this pattern up the board so that you have spaces for four to five bottles per board.

Once you’ve completed your boards, you can either place them on top of a cabinet so that they lean against the wall or you can mount them to the wall with heavier duty screws.

From the Shop Wine Rack Ideas

Maybe DIY isn’t your thing and you want to purchase premade, high-quality wine racks. Wine Racks America has you covered!

They sell everything from tabletop wine racks to wall-mounted wine racks to the equipment to build your very own wine cellar. You’re bound to find something you love in their online store.

Cheers to a Great Wine Rack

Do you have some great wine rack ideas of your own? Did you try one of our ideas and love it? Is there something we haven’t yet covered that you want to learn more about?

Contact us and let us know!