Crazy Bingo Facts!

The game bingo has got many people hooked. Whether it’s playing in bingo halls surrounded by hundreds of people or online bingo sites such as Paddy Power bingo, we can’t seem to get enough. However, as a bingo lover, are you aware of these crazy bingo facts?

The game has been around since the 1530s, where it originated back in Italy during the Renaissance era, which can be traced to Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, otherwise known as the Italian national lottery.

Certain countries and cultures would use bingo to teach students history and help them learn numbers. Later, the game was popularised by a New York toy salesman in 1929 when he saw the game being played at a fair in Jackson Georgia, so he went ahead and recreated it for his friends.

Bingo players tend to be rather superstitious. Some believe in taking lucky charms, using a certain pen, wearing a special jumper etc. So, don’t be too surprised when you see someone go around their chair 3 times before taking a seat. Also, most bingo players will use the colour purple as it is the preferred colour.

Why not text your pointless bingo knowledge with the quiz below, see if you can get 10/10!