Common Varieties of Dental Crowns That Are Effective and Durable

A smile with flawless teeth is what everyone dreams of. However, with regular wear and tear, your teeth might lose their natural health over time. Due to injuries, cavities, tooth decay, and many other problems, dental crowning becomes necessary at times.

If you wish to undergo the dental crowning process, make sure to contact the best dentist in Sedona, AZ. Besides good quality crowns, experienced hands for fittings are also necessary. Therefore, make sure to contact the best dental clinic near you to get in touch with some of the most renowned dentists. Here are some of the most popular choices for dental crowns that are durable and cost-effective.

Metal Crowns

The primary reason for choosing metals for making dental crowns remains their durability. Metals seldom crack and can withstand extreme pressure. Gold, Nickel, Palladium, and Chromium are the most popular choices for dental crown manufacturing.

Depending on your budget, you can opt. for any of these. Regardless of your choice, metal crowns last for a long time and offer complete protection to your decayed or damaged tooth. However, each of these metals features a specific color. Once you choose a gold dental crown, you cannot avoid the golden tone it flaunts.

Porcelain Fused Metal Crowns

If you do not wish for your crowned tooth to dazzle with every smile, a porcelain fused metal crown would be the best choice. With porcelain merged with the metal, the crown assumes a tone much similar to natural tooth color.

This is why most people today prefer this variety of dental crowns over pure metallic ones. Especially for front or back teeth, this variety can be an intelligent choice at any time.

Resin Made Crowns

This is one of the most expensive varieties in the market. This is also the variety that perfectly matches the color of the natural tooth. Most people call it by the name of composite crowns as these feature composite resin. No matter the resemblance with the real tooth and the cost, resin crowns also come with the risk of chipping and breaking.

You may have to replace the crown at times, depending on its wear and tear. Always remember that wearing a chipped or broken dental crown can be hurtful and damaging for your tooth. Hence, get your dental crown replaced as soon as you find any chips or cracks on the existing one.

Pressed Ceramic Crowns

Pressed ceramic crowns are one of the latest and most durable options. These crowns offer the best match for natural tooth color and last for a long time. Moreover, this variety of dental crowns is also pocket-friendly. Hence, this is one of the best choices for durable and effective dental crowns.

Never leave a broken tooth or decayed tooth unattended. Infections may creep in through these places. Neglecting these issues can prove to be taxing in the long run. Get in touch with an experienced dentist near you and get your tooth capped without any delay. Choose the appropriate variety of crowns, and your oral health will be perfectly fine.