Careers That Will Earn You The Big Bucks

As a careers advisor I spend a great deal of time in schools talking young boys and girls through their options for which career path they will go down. As part of my routine when I speak to these young adults, I like to try and get into their heads and discover what it is that they are looking for in a career. The responses to this question are often of the same variety in every school that I go to, some want the fame others want the power and almost everyone wants to get rich and command a huge salary. With this in mind then, here are some of the highest paid positions in the country.


Outstanding doctors like Wayne Imber are handsomely rewarded in their position and doctors are one of the most highly paid professions in the country. The reason that doctors command such a high salary is because they must work incredibly hard to get to where they are, and then even harder each and every day. Doctors must fly through high school with excellent grades before acing college and getting in to medical school where they must continue their outstanding grades. Aside from this level of commitment, dedication and scholastic ability, doctors have the power o save and cure people which is worth the cost of their salary alone.


Chief Executive Officers or CEOs are some of the highest earners in the word because of the weight of responsibility that they have as the head of their companies. If you take a look at the Forbes rich list every year, you will see that this is largely dominated by the world’s most successful CEOs and if you truly want the big bucks, this is the path to go down. There are two ways that someone can become a successful CEO, the first is to create your own company from a bright idea which you have had and the second is to work your way up through the company. Becoming a CEO takes hard work, dedication, commitment, drive, a results-driven approach and a flawless record when it comes to your business dealings.

Attorney at Law

Attorney’s jobs are so highly important for the upholding of law and justice that their salaries match the importance of the job. Attorneys must study incredibly hard to reach their position and even once hey have started to practice law, the hard work gets even harder. Lawyers must be smart, great communicators, hard working and empathetic to be great at what they do and the better that they are, the higher a scary they can command. If you are looking for a rewarding job that will pay you the big bucks that you are looking for, an attorney may very well be the best option for you.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is also an attractive career choice which can make you earn a comfortable salary. The scope of a nurse’s responsibilities varies by state but they are always responsible for the patient’s quality care, administer physical exam, and are authorized to diagnose illnesses and treat conditions. You can earn your degree through traditional school or do it online like those offered by Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. Why Choose the RN-BSN Online Program at Fran U? Aside from the convenience of earning your degree anytime and anywhere, Fran U is fully accredited and many courses are transferable

What is it that you look for in a career? Let us know in the comments below this post.